Amy Childs Hits Back At 'Mum Police' Over Weaning Controversy, Said Daughter Is Ready For Solid Food

'Mums out there no hate please.'

Amy Childs is ready to wean her four-month-old daughter Polly and doesn’t want the “mum police” to criticise her for it.

The former ‘TOWIE’ star previously divided fans over her decision to wean Polly onto solid foods, stating she was going to give her baby rice.

Despite receiving some support from fans, others argued that Polly should not be weaned onto solids at such a young age.

But it looks like the 27-year-old has made the decision to keep at it, sharing a photo of weaning bowls, spoons and a bib.

“Weaning at the ready,” she wrote on Instagram on Monday 21 August. “To all you mum police out there, Polly is now four months and ready for her porridge.”

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Childs continued: “I know my baby like all you mums know your babies. Polly is a very hungry baby and on the packet it even says four to six months.

“I have got so many haters commenting on my wall about weaning my baby. I’m so excited but also so nervous to start weaning Polly.

“So mums out there no hate please ✌🏻.”

Childs received messages of support from her fans.

“Everyone wants the best for their babies and let’s be honest, we never really know what we are doing,” one person wrote.

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Another wrote: “Amen to that. Take no notice Amy, you do what mother instinct tells you too - 99% you’re right. Guidelines are not rules, each child is individual and unique in every way. Mum police bore off.”

And another commented: “Don’t listen to anyone, Polly is your baby so you do as you please.

“I got slammed for putting my baby on cows milk at 11 months but she’s absolutely fine, no harm done to her.”

When should you wean your baby?

NHS Choices recommends that you should start introducing your baby to solid foods when they are around six months old.

“Research shows babies can get all the nutrients they need from breast milk or infant formula until they are around six months old,” the website states.

“Waiting till then gives their digestive system time to develop fully so it can cope with solid foods. This includes solid foods made into purées and cereals added to milk.”

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