19/12/2012 11:14 GMT | Updated 18/02/2013 05:12 GMT

Christmas Presents, Top 3, ACT FAST

Oh my giddy aunt. Perhaps quite literally in fact, because it is the time for celebrated giddiness.

It's getting closer and closer and closer. Mind scramble? Good intentions and a hell of a lot of love to give, right? But what about the actual presents?

If you're feeling clueless and in need of ideas, you are in luck. I have had an ear close to the ground and my eyes peeled, and have come up with some ideas for you, here are my perfect 3.

Gemma Cairney Christmas Presents

1. A compact camera: Nikon COOLPIX S01

I almost shed a tear recently, when I did some something so retro, I'd nearly forgotten the joy of it. I went to Snappy Snaps and actually got some pictures printed. The thrill of picking them up two days later was so good - how could I have forgotten it?

I learnt something key though. I learnt that the phone glued to my hand just won't do when it comes to getting photos worth keeping. I am as addicted to littering Twitter with photos as the next person, and partial to the click of a filter on Instagram, but it's become painfully clear to me when comparing my compact camera photos to my phone pics that most of what I taken with my phone just isn't good enough for printing - they are never high res enough, and often don't have the right amount of flash to make a photo look natural and true to life.

A Nikon digital compact camera has been in my Mary Poppins rucksack for a month or so now, and for that I'm dearly grateful. It has lessened the blow of having my mobile stolen from my hand recently, and means I'll never make the same mistake as last year, when I took all my India holiday pictures with my phone, then promptly soaked it and rendered it useless, losing everything.

2. Luxury in a bottle: Ruby Red Reviving Body Cleanser

Lime, red mandarin and coriander: handmade, natural ingredient deliciousness. If Mother Nature were to have a favourite brand, Ruby Red would be it. Boys, this is the one that will guarantee you brownie points and a cuddle, I promise.

3. A new view: Surfaceview wall mural

This is flipping extravagant but, my word, so amazing. Thanks to my sweet Tweet indulgence @PropertyJazz, I was led to and I will never look back. I lost an hour just browsing the website, imagining new walls and bathrooms I could own.

In short, there are about a zillion squillion beautiful pictures and photographs on the site and you can have any one of them blown up and made into entire wall mural or into bathroom tiles. I have decided that my boyfriend deserves to bathe in the surroundings of the countryside of his childhood. Luckily, a beautiful lake in Cumbria where he grew up was once painted for a postcard, and is now available for me to order on tiles for the bathroom. Tis blooming expensive though, and I'm not what our landlord will make of it...