16/10/2012 17:26 BST | Updated 15/12/2012 10:12 GMT

Ten Reasons to Give Up Your Job

....and only do what you love.

So, what qualifies me to do this? Well I took the plunge to be self employed when I had no money or idea what I was going to do. I just knew I wasn't using my skills to my potential, i was unhappy and stressed. The below reasons helped me get through it and to where I am today. Whether you want to be a doctor, chef, musician, teacher or writer I encourage you to have a read and let me know what you think....

1. Because you will never be ready.

One of the best / worst things about being self-employed is a constant uncertainty about the outcome of your business. Newsflash - you will always have this uncertainty, being a businessperson is using this to give you the drive to keep pushing yourself. You can plan, delay, reschedule as much as you like - the feeling won't go away. So embrace it and move on. I had a great idea for a website last year... I've put back the launch three times now as I keep telling myself I am too busy. I realised with a bit of planning I could get myself up and running quickly. So now I am launching not next month, not next week, but tomorrow. Oh. My. God.

2. Being your own boss is Awesome.

There are two sides to this point. Being able to be the person that decides when you start work and finish is great. If I want to work from home on my pajamas while listening to Buddy Holly full blast I can. I can start my day early at 6am so that I can finish in time to meet friends for coffee. I'll gloss over the weekends and late nights I have put into the business to make sure I reach deadlines, reach goals and give my clients and customers the service they deserve. The feeling you have waking in the morning knowing that you are the boss is incredible - I highly recommend it!

3. Because what you DO is important, not what you think.

We all like to spend time doing things we care about. Do you care about your job? Your actions should be your priorities. What you do defines not only who you are as a person but how other view you. Yes it's great to think about starting a cupcake business, but making a phone call to the local authourities to find out if you can start from home, writing a business plan, researching recipes... it's the doing that is important, not the daydreaming. By dedicating your energy and time to something that you care about you will feel better and create a positive impact.

4. You should make your own decisions

If I have ever been in a situation where my actions have been questioned its always been a lot easier to diffuse or fight my corner when the decisions that have lead me to this point have been my own. Its hardly a good enough come back as someone in their late twenties and say that 'someone had told you too'. Standing up and making your own choices is one of the most daunting and rewarding parts of becoming an adult. Its also important that you make decisions for yourself for your own happiness. Turning round in twenty years time saying that the reason you stayed in a job you hated, or never went travelling or didn't pursue your dreams because something or someone held you back just comes across as, well childish. You are a grown up, you need to be accountable for everything you do.

5. Your inspiration should become your motivation.

Have you watched a documentary on someone amazing or read a success story that has excited and engaged you? Whether psychical or mental, experiencing someone overcoming the odds to reach their goal is encouraging for most people. Why do you think slimming magazines are full of success stories? Being inspired should motivate you to make those changes that you need to make in your life.

6. It will help others

This one is a no brainer. When I am in a bad mood (yes, can you believe it, it happens) I am not the most fun to be around. Whereas get me in a good mood and it's a completely different story. By doing something you love, enjoying your life and being happy this WILL rub off on the people around you. So by looking after yourself you are helping other people. So really, doing what you love is a selfless act, right?

7. You are not normal

Normal is going working Monday - Friday every week 9-5. Normal is eating lunch at your desk while catching up on emails. Normal is a stressful commute into work. Normal is being too tired to socialize in the week and crashing in bed around 10pm. Normal is squeezing your social life into the weekend while catching up on laundry, shopping and other household chores. Normal is paying a mortgage you can hardly afford, having credit cards and paying the minimum, Normal is hating your job. I can't understand why anyone would do this?!

8. Money and fame are not the same as success

To suggest that money is not important would be stupid, I know its vital. But you probably don't need as much as you think you do. By establishing your priorities in life you will work out what it means to be successful for you. For some that is earning enough money to buy a great car - that's fine. Working full time for a larger more established company would bring me more monetary value currently - but I would not have the creative freedom and time to build on my own projects if that was the case. Success is measured on how much time you get to do the things you love. Not about how much money you may have in the bank. Whats the point of all that if you don't have time to enjoy it or the time you have?

9. It will allow you to dream bigger

Whats your dream right now? More time? freedom? going on holiday to Africa? By doing what you love you will be one step closer to achieving your whatever your dream is. Doing what you love by default puts you closer to achieving your dreams. As a result ones you achieve those you will have to find new dreams. Bigger, better and now even more possible.

10. Because there are no excuses

Seriously there aren't. I can't think of one. Not ONE. Feel free to contact me on twitter / email with any you have and I promise to do what I can to help you find a solution. Don't do a job you hate, to live a life you don't love.