03/12/2013 06:49 GMT | Updated 01/02/2014 05:59 GMT

History in the Making - Controversial Animal Rights Campaigner Gary Yourofsky to Speak at the Israeli Knesset

A message from unrelenting animal rights activist Gary Yourofsky tells of the American leg of his lecture tour coming to an end, astoundingly giving 89 talks in 12 states!

The really remarkable news however is the invitation to speak at the Israeli Knesset.

'I have some pretty interesting news' says Gary, 'last month a representative for an Israeli politician contacted me about speaking in The Knesset, the national legislature of Israel'. After describing all politicians as 'liars and deceivers who cater to those in power, not to those who need equality and freedom' Yourofsky speaks of the politician's request edit out the words 'Holocaust, massacre or murder, or compare animals to humans, or show a slaughterhouse video'.

Yourofsky declined the offer, explaining that 'governments and politicians have NEVER made the world a better place. The world changes when THE PEOPLE change. Then the government has no choice but to follow suit. Sadly, most people think it's the other way around; that government/ and politicians bring about substantive change and the masses follow'.


The politicians have have agreed to meet Yourofsky's demands and history will be made on December the 11th when for thirty minutes, the controversial campaigner will speak to more than 100 Knesset members

He will show his famous slaughterhouse video and the words Holocaust, massacre and murder will be used. 

'My goal' says Yourofsky, 'is to convert the crowd into vegans'


Yourofsky's YouTube lecture is the most watched video by Israeli's ever and his success at affecting audiences minds and pockets undoubtable. Last year marked a meteoric rise in the number of Israeli couples opting for a Vegan menue at weddings and Domino's pizza has just announced that its 50 Israeli locations will now offer vegan cheese and pepperoni.

When Gary visited Israel last year, 'there were around 5 places to get some good vegan food', you are now able to eatVegan at over 100 restaurants.  


Although completely different in approach, like revolutionary environmentalist Ofir Drori, Yourofsky'y success is a testimony to the power of the individual to have an impact and instigate real change. Like Drori's success at bringing poachers to justice raising serios questions about multi million charities failure, Gary is making a fundamental change to the way people view animals. Like Drori shifting the argument from WWF's saving an animal from extinction approach to putting environmental criminals behind bars, Yourofsky is shifting the argument from 'treating animals humanely' to man's self assumed rule over animals. Like PETA, his argument is that animals are not our to eat or use in any way, hence his referring to animals as humans' slaves that should be liberated.

As people ponder over the year that passed and consider their actions in the year to come, I wonder if they will realise the massive significance of making a little change in their life. Imagine the difference to the world if people refrained from eating meat just once a week or gave non dairy milk a try. Most importantly, be aware of the reality behind slaughterhouses, the forced impregnation of cows and the devastating impact meat consumption is having on our planet. No longer the sole domain of spiritualist tree huggers but painful fact as preached by leading scientists, environmentalists and the likes of the Rainforest Foundation.