11/11/2013 08:08 GMT | Updated 23/01/2014 18:58 GMT

Ken Saro Wiwa's Legacy - 'The Ability to Make a Change'

An ominous message on environmentalist campaigner Ofir Drori Facebook page today, marks the anniversary of the execution of Ken Saro Wiwa.

Eighteen years on, as I finalise an interview with The Rainforest Foundation, I cannot help but despair at the tragic impact corruption continues to have on this planet, where the actions of money hungry, greedy individuals leads to often irreversible destruction.

With charitable Christmas donations on people's minds, I continue to call for charities to be brought to account and show real, on the ground results. As I witness dedicated individuals such as LAGA's Ofir Drori deliver results multi million budget charities fail to, I call upon the well meaning to consider the actual performance of any chosen charity and not donate 'blindly'.

Above ask people to remember the Ken Saro Wiwa's of this world. Those who dare to stand up to multi million corporations, powerful companies who's careless actions destroy habitats and communities.

'This is a true African hero who stood against greed' says Drori, 'as a writer and an activist' he fought against the Nigerian dictatorship and the big oil companies' destruction of the land and abuse of the Nigerian people. His non violent struggle against Shell and the likes led to his death by execution 18 years ago today'.

'Big oil', concludes Drori, 'still continues the same destruction of the environment and of local communities. Let his massage live, do your share to fight greed'.

Call upon western governments to stop funding environmentalist projects in countries proven to be corrupt and instead, listen to passionate campaigners such as Drori who actually reject your financial donation and encourage you to exercise your democratic right and make your voice heard.

'If you cared enough to give a donation' says Drori, ' there are better things you can do with this feeling..getting people to show passion for our cause, the last thing we ask them for is money, as we know the potential for their involvement and contribution to our cause with their talent and conviction is far higher... it doesn't have to be big, activism can start just outside your door.'

The difference between an activist and a non-activist, explains Drori is understanding you have the ability to make a change. 'Instead of using your dollars, use your time, instead of donating, take action, write a letter to a congressman, call a radio talk show, convince your neighbours to sign a petition, volunteer for an hour in the local school..'