03/05/2017 09:02 BST | Updated 03/05/2017 09:02 BST

It Takes A Strong Man To Love And Hold A Wild Woman

Here's the thing about wild women....

Our wildness is enticing and magnetic.

We are enigmatic and exciting and it's in our wildness that we hold magic.

Even the most open of us are mysterious and mystical beings.

We bare our souls and men and women alike are drawn to us.

We draw in romantic propositions with ease.

Men want to be our partners.

We also LOVE HARD.

And this can be in itself both wonderful and tragic.

Because, you see, the wildness that attracts people to us in the first place, in terms of romance, can be the very thing that they struggle with in the long term.

We cannot, will not and should not be shackled.

We will be loud, crazy, fun, emotional, expressive, open.

We will drive you wild with lust and frustration all at the same time.

And we will ALWAYS BE this way.

And for most men, this becomes too much.

Over time they will want to tame us.

Our wildness that they loved so much about us in the early days of infatuation and lust will be too much for them.

Many of us will allow ourselves to be tamed, some (like me) without even noticing it's happening.

Which will seem to solve the problem in the short term.

But ultimately we'll always be WILD in our hearts.

And one day we will awaken and realise that we feel imprisoned.

And we seem to have become someone else.

We are not ourselves.

And we will wonder where that wild woman went.

And we will seek her out and free her once more.

You see, it takes a STRONG, masculine man to hold a wild woman.

To LOVE a wild woman like she should be loved.

And to keep loving her through all her wildness.

I wonder whether wild women are even supposed to have one partner for life?

Whether any of us are?

Are we really monogamous beings?

Or whether our sisters are our soul mates and men are play things?

Who knows? The jury is out on that one for me at the moment!

But one thing I do know.

If you are a man reading this, a wild woman is probably NOT for you.

YES, she is alluring and sexy and OMG that je ne sais quoi is spellbinding.

But if you commit to loving a wild woman you are committing to loving ALL of her, ALL the way through.

To NOT taming her.

To LOVING the woman who takes herself off for a weekend, or sits out drinking cognac with strangers late in to the night, or who cries uncontrollably for her friend's pain, or who loves people she has never met, with all her heart, just because she feels their energy...

TO being STRONG and POWERFUL and leading her in your masculinity yet allowing her to remain wild.

And if you are a wild woman reading this, please recognise this about yourself. LOVE your wildness and embrace it.

NEVER apologise for the wildness.

And never allow the thoughts, feelings, or opinions of others to cause you to tame her.

You are a wild woman and that's the way it will always be.

Hanni x