01/12/2011 04:49 GMT | Updated 30/01/2012 05:12 GMT

Why I Want Everyone to See Me Naked...

Today is World AIDS Day and I've been asked to write something for the Huffington Post. Write about what, Harry? Good question, voice in my head. Thanks for asking. Well, I'm going write about something exciting. Nudity.

Every year, GT release their Naked Issue to help raise money for charity. There's loads of pictures of naked men. You can legitimately look at a naked man and call yourself a humanitarian at the same time. This year it's for the Elton John AIDS Foundation and I was asked to take part and be one of those naked men. So I thought I'd tell you all about my experience of taking my clothes off to do my bit for this amazing cause.

It all happened in September. Let's take the DeLorean...

Two weeks before the shoot was to take place, I decided I wanted to feel at my physical best and really get in the zone. I knew what I had to do. I gave up peanut butter for a few weeks. Let me tell you this was no mean feat. I switched to brown rice and vegetables instead, otherwise known as the Showgirls Diet. I'm not sure how Nomi Malone does it. I only managed to go two days. Thinking I should exercise too, I did a bit of yoga with a man named Rodney Yee. Not personally; he just gently ordered me to lift all my limbs in the air at the same time from a computer screen. I forget how I stumbled across Rodney but he really is quite beautiful. Just look at the results on Google Images of Mr Yee and you'll see what I mean. What a mane, what a mane, what a mane, what a mighty good mane.


The day of the shoot finally approached. I arrived at the W Hotel in Leicester Square where it was all taking place and as I rode in the lift to the top floor, I started getting nervous. As a performer, I'm used to being seen in skimpy costumes but I'd never been naked in front of so many people before. It's usually just me, myself and I. I've never seen a room like where we shot that day. There was a revolving sofa. A sofa that actually revolves. Plus lots of lovely mirrored surfaces, a television in the bathroom and an amazing view looking out over central London. It was like being in an episode of Cribs.

One horrid notion kept creeping into my thoughts though. What the hell do I do if I suddenly just get an erection out of nowhere? Would I just punch it down until it goes away? I put that worry out of my mind and went to get my make up done and hair did too. I was then provided with my cock sock. Suddenly I didn't feel as daunted. There was actually something to cover me up without having to worry about strategically placed hands, though I'd still never shown my bum in public before. I'm not the mooning type and it's the feature I'm most self conscious about.

As I took my dressing gown off I felt very at ease with the situation and didn't know why I was so worried in the first place. The set up involved me being strategically placed in a really fancy shelving unit on a mirrored wall. I like to think it could exist in a sexed up home furniture showroom. I kept my glasses on and red Converse too which was nice. I was even proud of the bit of side bum on show. My fear of a spontaneous erection was thankfully just a fear too. Maybe it's shelves that don't do it for me. Thank goodness I wasn't near an ottoman. I can't imagine what would have happened.

The GT Naked Issue is out now and you should buy your copy to look at all the naked men. I bought mine yesterday:

If you're unsure of how to give on World AIDS Day, I also have the perfect suggestion. Text NAKED HARRY to 70007 and in exchange for a £3 donation to the Elton John AIDS Foundation, my naked picture will be available to download on your phone. You've read this far, you might as well see the image too! I'm so proud to be part of this and want to help raise as much money as possible.

Thank you to all those involved on the day of the shoot for making me feel so comfortable and also to everyone at GT for just being so generally amazing.