We still think of AIDS as being a sexually transmitted disease, but approximately 1,000 haemophilia patients in the UK who were infected with HIV have died since the 1980s
This year marks 30 years since the first World Aids Day. In that time, treatment and response has changed dramatically. But for many stigma is still a major issue. This year’s theme is ‘know your status’, encouraging people to talk about testing and treatment.
Many of us ‘long term survivors’ haven’t prepared for old age, we just didn’t think it would happen to us - we will all face new and unprecedented challenges
  There’s not much that could get hundreds of people in one place on a freezing cold Friday night - royal weddings happen
Here are some of the best videos of the week.
On the launch of World Aids Day, the gains in expanding HIV treatment to those living in developing countries is one of the
Today (1 December), Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are attending their first official public engagement at an event in Nottingham
I could not believe it when the test strip showed two lines. Reality kicked in. I was HIV-positive.
Mother-to-child HIV infections can be defeated, thanks to community activists who have dedicated themselves to the fight.
With her slogan 'Never a victim, always a fighter', she is determined to educate affected youth within her community about HIV.