Charity spoke openly about her status during this week's instalment of the BBC Three series.
“HIV misinformation and homophobia have no place in the music industry."
“There’s no more stigma – let’s be done with that. It’s time,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.
Rory O'Neill, AKA Ireland's biggest drag star Panti Bliss, remembers the day he was told he was dying.
People living with HIV are twice as likely to experience poor mental health. That’s why setting the record straight on HIV is so important.
A new study reveals 84% of people have abstained from sex outside of their household in order to slow the spread of coronavirus.
One half of synth-pop duo Erasure, Andy Bell was one of the first mainstream UK pop stars to come out in the Eighties. Here he reflects on living through two crises: the Aids epidemic and Covid-19
Those of us affected by HIV have been through the trenches and are truly battle-tested for this one.
Some people living with HIV were sent a ‘shielding’ text message by the British government in error telling them to completely self-isolate for three months. Organisations including the Terrence Higgins Trust and British HIV Association have clarified that many people who are healthy and living with HIV do not need to be more worried about Covid-19 than the general population.
From Harvey Weinsten to the reason some prices are being slashed at the petrol pumps, here are the other big news stories of the day.
Some local London boroughs are running out of tests online by 7.15am.
Despite the fantastic progress in HIV science, public attitudes have not kept up, Terrence Higgins Trust CEO Ian Green writes.
Jonathan Van Ness and Gareth Thomas have opened up about their diagnoses. Two HuffPost UK readers reveal how they told friends and family of their own news.
The Netflix star has gone public after being diagnosed at the age of 25.
No, it doesn't just affect gay men.
"I can never get that moment back," the former Wales captain said in a new interview.
Despite enormous medical progress on HIV, people like me are still shunned and rejected. We all deserve to live without fear of violence, scorn or blackmail, writes Matthew Hodson
The former Wales rugby captain was met with huge applause from the crowd at the finish line as he smashed the challenge.
The former Wales captain spoke about his condition for the first time in an emotional video he posted on Twitter.
Fans of the show applauded Pablo as he revealed how misconceptions around HIV have affected his dating and sex life.