Twenty years after I was diagnosed with HIV, I can no longer pass the virus onto my husband – the only thing that hasn't changed is stigma toward people like me.
Others who have used the salon are being urged to get tested.
In a decade-long study, there were no cases of transmission in 972 couples.
"It’s vital this story doesn’t put people off accessing PrEP."
Every week 15 gay and bisexual men in London are diagnosed with HIV, yet councils are currently withholding a drug that could stop this
The London patient underwent a a high-risk, life-threatening procedure not appropriate for many living with HIV
“Hundreds will die before this inquiry ends, hundreds of people will go to their graves with no sense of justice.”The contaminated blood scandal is the biggest disaster in NHS history, in which thousands of Brits were infected with HIV, hepatitis C and other deadly blood borne diseases. HuffPost spoke with the victims as the long awaited inquiry opened.
We still think of AIDS as being a sexually transmitted disease, but approximately 1,000 haemophilia patients in the UK who were infected with HIV have died since the 1980s