05/09/2019 15:31 BST

Naked Attraction Wins Praise As HIV-Positive Contestant Tries To Break Down Stigma

Fans of the show applauded Pablo as he revealed how misconceptions around HIV have affected his dating and sex life.

Channel 4 dating show Naked Attraction featured an HIV-positive contestant in Wednesday night’s episode, who spoke candidly about how the stigma around the disease had affected his romantic life.

The episode introduced viewers to 30-year-old Pablo, who was diagnosed with HIV when he was 19, and said he hoped his appearance on the show would debunk a few misconceptions around the condition.

Channel 4
Pablo appeared on Naked Attraction

He explained to presenter Anna Richardson: “I find that it’s difficult to meet people. I like to be open about people. When you bring [being HIV-positive] up it kills things off. There’s a lot of fear out there.”

Pablo continued: “It’s perfectly fine to date someone who is HIV-positive, to have sex with someone who is HIV-positive. This is a good way to have it all in the open even before they see me.”

Over the course of the show, Pablo whittled the six naked strangers looking for love down to just one, eventually picking 26-year-old admin assistant Matt to go on a date with.

Channel 4
Pablo found romance Matt

The pair eventually decided to have a second meeting without the cameras present.

Before meeting his date, Pablo suggested his HIV status often sent prospective romantic interests “running for the hills”, adding: “The positive thing about Naked Attraction is that, we see each other naked before we go on a date. There will be no awkward conversations.”

Pablo’s appearance on the show was met with praise from viewers on Twitter…

Naked Attraction is now into its fifth series, and the current run has been as eventful as ever.

In addition to Batman tattoos and a naked serenade of a popular hymn, the show also featured its first celebrity contestant in reality star Lauren Harries.

Naked Attraction airs on Wednesdays at 10pm on Channel 4. 

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