23/09/2013 12:46 BST | Updated 23/11/2013 05:12 GMT

Get That Red Carpet Look: How to Tone Up Like an A-Lister?

Everyone wants the perfect perky bottom but unfortunately not everyone is naturally blessed with a bum like the gorgeous Miranda Kerr or Kylie Minogue. Olly Murs and Miley Cyrus are particularly good examples of this.

Olly recently tweeted a photo of himself dressed as Kylie with a less than perky bottom in Kylie-style hot pants. Miley performed in a barely there costume at the MTV VMA's with a barely there bottom.

Although, don't worry, even natural beauties like Miranda and Kylie have to work hard to keep their figures as they get older. Kylie for example still works out extremely hard in the gym and her dance routines in themselves provide her with a great workout - perfect for keeping her body in tip-to condition.


Photo by Italia Conti Arts Centre

It's important to realise you can't achieve this look by only concentrating on one type of exercise. It is only by combining cardio, toning, focusing on your diet and your water intake that will truly get you the results you crave.

Here are some exercises that I use with my clients:


Anything that gets the heart pumping around your body is key. You could try all sorts of things like, jogging, swimming, rollerblading, kickboxing, step aerobics or even power walking. You will need to do this at least five times a week to get optimal results. A tip whilst either walking or jogging outside would be to find a hill, as that will really work your muscles.

Now alongside the cardio you need to do some toning exercises....



Lie on your back, hands behind head, legs straight out. Point toes and crunch up. Do 20 reps or as many as you can and gradually build up to more as you get fitter. I would also recommend using a mat to support your back and make you more comfortable.

This sequence exhausts large muscles early on, so the small, underused "accessory" muscles get more of a workout. The exercises also help add definition to hips and lower abs.


Lie on your back, hands behind head, legs straight out and shoulder-width apart with knees facing ceiling.

Crunch up, but keep legs straight. Simultaneously lift legs 3 to 6 inches off the ground and touch together. As you return to floor, legs return to starting position. Do 15 reps or as many as you can and gradually build up to more as you get fitter.


Photo by Italia Conti Arts Centre


This sequence works your deepest butt and thigh muscles, creating lift and firmness exactly where you want them, without adding bulk. Use a mat to reduce pressure on your joints.


Kneel on all fours. Keep your right leg slightly bent and raise it up behind your back, straightening your leg as you lift. Return to starting position. Do 20 reps with each leg.


Sit on the mat with your right leg extended and left leg bent, left foot on the floor with toes forward. Flex right foot and turn it out, away from your body.

Lift right leg so it's parallel to angle of left and point toes. Return to starting position. Do 50 reps on each leg.


1) Lots of lunges and squats

These are great for getting the perfect perky bottom. When I train Pixie Lott we always work on our bums every session. One of her favourite exercises is putting both hands and knees on the floor. Shoulders over your hands and hips directly over your knees. Whilst constantly pulling your belly button in towards your spine, she lifts one leg at a right angle up side ways to about 90 degrees. She will do at least 30 reps on her right leg before transferring over to her left. You can repeat this exercise again, but to the back instead. You must always concentrate on keeping a perfect form. We will train until it burns or until failure.


It's important to remember that working out should be fun. Something you do to make yourself feel good, let off steam and have some me time. So don't let it become a chore. There are ways of making it fun through hobbies or daily routine, learning a new skill with friends or even a way to have a giggle and meet new friends. If you have a dog, whilst taking it on your daily walk you can use that time to power walk or do a mild jog. 2 birds with 1 stone. Absolutely perfect! You just have to find the right thing that will slot into your lifestyle and that you enjoy.