23/11/2012 09:47 GMT | Updated 23/01/2013 05:12 GMT

Boxing For Buhinga: The Fight Club Diaries - Week 16


TOMORROW (Saturday the 24th of November 2012) is the big day! 17 weeks of training, hours of gym time, heaps of tears, sweat and whining and it's only a day away. If you can't make the night itself sponsor Helen via this link

Boxing For Buhinga: The Fight Club Diaries. Week 16

Two weeks to go...

The weekend has been pretty busy so getting back on it on Monday isn't too hard. I plan a nice easy gym session but end up getting plenty of Monday-morning aggression out on the bag. Happy days.

Tuesday night training at Angel is exciting for me this week because Christina is coming along - which for once means I'm not the only girl since Lora ditched me and I have someone to pair with,. There are only five of us at the session and I don't think Jacek's too chuffed with the lack of turn out at this stage of the game. I ask his advice on what to do next week in the immediate run up to the fight and his comments are 'No training after Tuesday and carb up'. OH MY LORD CARBS, happy happy days. I'm not planning my carbs 10 days in advance or anything....no definitely not...

Thursday night training is TOUGH- we have to do these sit ups while punching up into the other person's gloves. I'm convinced there is no way I can do that I can't do a full situp still so I just do them half way most of the time - but Christina tells me I will be fine, and shock horror I am! I manage all three sets with only minimal whingeing.

The Boxing for Buhinga poster is up in the gym -and seeing it there on the wall makes me realise it's all getting very real now. My brother and my mum are going to be in the audience on the night - as well as the Evil One and my boyfriend Lloyd. Only Simon has ever seen me in training- and Lloyd has suffered a fair bit of pad work since this process started, but other than that none of them has seen me fight. Mrs H isn't helping by saying she's going to feel sick at me getting punched- well she's going to be feeling quite sick then as I always get punched! For all the nerves on having my friends and family watching I am also looking forward to them seeing what I've achieved over the last four months. I just hope my mother (or me for that matter!) doesn't dissolve into tears....

Sponsorship is starting to kick in as well, and the team at noths are digging deep to donate to the cause - it all helps the motivation at this stage, and knowing people are supporting me spurs me on.

I can't honestly believe that all this time has passed - mid way through this process it felt like the hardest, slowest slog of my life -with so much to achieve, and November seemed a long way off, now it's just a couple of weeks away and I can't believe I'm near the end, it's almost like it's someone else who has done all these things for the last 16 weeks. I'm torn still between wanting longer to get better and looking forward to that glass of wine with Christina when it's all over.

Mmmm wine......

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