Boxing For Buhinga: The Fight Club Diaries - Week 11

29/10/2012 15:27 GMT | Updated 29/12/2012 10:12 GMT


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Boxing For Buhinga: The Fight Club Diaries. Week 11

Right - what's the deal with Mondays? Could you be any more depressing weather? After a gorgeous weekend of autumnal sunshine it's chucking it down AGAIN. I have to admit to a certain relief when Evil One cancels our 6:30am appointment- didn't fancy getting up in the dark for a tough gym session. Unfortunately this just means I have to do it at lunchtime instead. And for the rest of the week..oh well small victories small victories.

I have a work event on Monday night and though I don't have any alcohol at all I still don't get home until after midnight. Getting up at 6am on Tuesday for the gym is possibly the least fun I have ever had. I get through my little program Simon has written for me and cycle home the wrong way down a one-way street (I'd like to say it was out of sheer tiredness but really it was more like stupidness). I have absolutely no desire to go boxing on Tuesday night - I've never once thought about skipping a session even when I've felt not exactly motivated but this week I seriously am. I have to admit that if Lora had given me the slightest out I would have taken it. The first five minutes of warm up hurt every part of my body and I wonder to myself what the helI am doing there...let alone how I am standing upright...

Turns out the session is a bit different this week as we learn how to get out of trouble if someone has you cornered or against the ropes. Lora and I basically determine it's a bit like British bulldog - put your head down, hands up and just rugby tackle the other person....not sure if that's technically it but we enjoyed ourselves. I almost swallow my mouthguard laughing and the hour literally flies by...oh except the 20 seconds after Jacek said mid-plank that we had 20 seconds left but only if no one touched the floor...there was no way in the world I was being the person who caused us to have to do more plank...but dear god those 20 seconds lasted for an AGE.

Gym again early on Wednesday...I comfort myself knowing I have no plans this evening and can (finally) just chill on the sofa and watch the recording of Great British Bake Off. Predictably I fall asleep at 9pm utterly exhausted.

6:30AM on Thursday and I'm back in the gym, Simon and I do some pad work and it HURTS, the burpees afterwards hurt even more, I think I manage 3 in a minute... I HATE BURPEES! I'm super grumpy as not only as I not losing any weight (same as last week) but the scales say I've put on a pound and I've been stuck at the same weight for four days. Because I weigh myself every day I have started to understand the patterns that my weight follows- and normally it fluctuates every single day- but not at the moment, it's stuck at 11 stone 2 and it is not moving. Really really really wanted to get into the 10's but it just doesn't seem to be happening. It's not the most motivating of things but I just vow to stick with it -I tell myself something must be happening and curse myself that I should have started measuring inches as well as weight. It doesn't help when I watch some TV about someone losing a stone in a month...because they stopped eating me if I had any takeaways to stop I would!

Thursday night is my first class at the new boxing gym - crikey it makes the dreaded warm up at the other place look like a walk in the park. Whether it is genuinely tougher or it's my sheer tiredness at the training I've been doing all week I don't know - shouts of 'come on Helen you're quitting' aren't helping - am quitting because am exhausted and I might die!

Never has Friday been so welcome.

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