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Boxing For Buhinga: The Fight Club Diaries - Week 14



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Boxing For Buhinga: The Fight Club Diaries. Week 14

Getting through sparring on Saturday has given me a little bit of a boost for the week for once and Monday and Tuesday I spend lunchtimes bouncing about the gym with Simon trying to get my footwork right. I realise that I have barely seen him the last couple of weeks - he's been busy with his new Pilates studio and I've been in at odd times so it's good to catch up and for him to see my progress. It definitely helps the motivation when you have someone to guide you and keep you going (or abuse you mercilessly..I kid you not I walked into the kitchen at work and one of the girls was telling a story of how Simon has a photo of her which he uses to make her attend her sessions - if she doesn't go to the gym he says he'll post it on facebook....see ...motivation?!)

Training this week is sans-Lora but Rich ends up pairing with me and despite my massive lack of co-ordination (now in my defence Legends does the numbers differently than we do, and now I'm confused...and the pads confuse me anyway...co-ordination isn't my strongpoint alright?) I seem to do OK. Feel super smug that people seem to think we did ok in sparring. I've spent the last couple of weeks beating myself up about my performance and feeling like I'm glaringly awful compared to everyone else, it's nice to know I can keep up and hold my own - even in the hideous side planks.

Wednesday is Halloween dress up day at work and Gail and I are TOTALLY rocking the theme dressed as witches, hence no gym today- everything on my desk is already covered in a slight green facepaint layer- the last thing I need is to have my face slipping off completely. I go to Tesco on the way home (purposely not Waitrose in case I see anyone...I know..I know I'm a massive snob) and think I've got away with being in fancy dress until some bright spark on the checkout asks why...oh for goodness sake quite obviously its Halloween. Moron.

On Thursday I literally sneeze once at about 4pm, and by 5 I have a full blown cold - it's like the plague or something, one sneeze and she's down.....(Un) Luckily Christina is also sick so we agree to skip training tonight - we both feel guilty for having a night off but I can't help thinking it will make zero difference and we could both do with a bit of a break. By Friday I feel like utter rubbish and I can't make the gym either. Or Saturday's session. This is not good with three weeks to go, but I try to relax and enjoy the unscheduled rest rather than get stressed about not training, after all at least it's now we're sick and not closer to the time.

I admit I'm mostly quite upset about the fact that I can't get a Starbucks on Friday afternoon because I'm just too sick, have been counting down to the red cups since day 11....now I can't even taste anything. Grumpy :-(

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