17/10/2012 09:05 BST | Updated 15/12/2012 05:12 GMT

Boxing For Buhinga: The Fight Club Diaries - Week 9


Monday is miserable- not only is it Monday, but it's chucking it down with rain. It's chucking it down AND I have to go to the gym. I have to go to the gym AND this week's challenge is "how many burpees can you do in 60 seconds?". It's "how many burpees can you do in 60 seconds?" WHILE BEING FILMED. Lush. Oh and yes the video ends up on facebook*. See I told you he was merciless!**

My headguard arrives - it is possibly the scariest, most uncool product I have ever bought (yes even compared to the mouthguard). It fits fine - so clearly Gail and I are expert head measurers. Am now quite pleased head is not "Small" - at school my nickname in art class was "pea-heed" due to my representations of people always having quite bad proportions. This would not be cool if it was actually ME having a pea-heed.

Style wise it's not winning any prizes. Chin looks deformed in it, it basically renders me deaf to all outside noise and it's very confusing where you're supposed to put your hair - out of the top perhaps, pineapple-esque?. I suppose it will stop my brain cells dying so it must be a good thing (akin to wearing your backpack on both shoulders/wearing braces/other things I didn't do but wish I did at school).

Tuesday is my first training session without Lora (she's going to keep training but she just couldn't make it this week). Annoyingly the 'sorry' keeps popping up again, though Ben attempts to combat it by knocking me on the head every time I say it....boxing aversion therapy....I think it could catch on.

This year seems to be one of new challenges (my friend Gary thinks it's a midlife crisis or that I'm secretly dying/have found God - none of these are true, it's just coincidence) - I've managed to sign myself up for a charity skydive*** (also after a couple of glasses of wine...hang on there's a theme here), and this week I have to confirm. I know I'm absolutely petrified of it, I know I'll really not enjoy that journey up in the plane, and I know I'll have to give myself a good stern talking to to do the jump but I also know I'd be so disappointed with myself if I didn't, and so I send the confirmation email....only one word...eeek!

Bored of baggy jeans I venture out to the House of Fraser 20%-off day on Friday lunchtime and slyly purchase some new clothes. In a size 12. Yes I wrote that right. A size 12. I'm a little shocked when they pretty much all fit, including the jeans. Yes size 12 Topshop jeans. Am ecstatic. Wear said jeans on Sunday night for boyfriend's birthday dinner...get annoyed at constant pulling up of low rise over my fat bits which slightly dulls the excitement at getting into the things...but give it a few weeks and surely they'll be super comfy?(given I'm not drinking only shandy they'd better be)

*You can of course go and watch said video on the Your Gym facebook page (I'm not giving you the link - put some effort in!) but I warn you that you cannot unsee it...just sayin'

** By the way it was 14. 14 measly burpees. I come last in the Burpee Challenge. Yep am ELITE ATHLETE alright.

***Anyone wishing to sponsor the Digital Dogooders in their fool hardy jump-from-a-plane please do so at: http://www.bmycharity.com/BirdshotWinterBenefit

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