19/09/2014 03:49 BST | Updated 18/11/2014 05:59 GMT

The UK Is A-Changin'

Change is coming across the UK.

The only poll worth watching was the final one.

While commentators, business and markets have twitched and twittered with the gyrations of #indyref polls in the past month - NO has won this referendum by a clear margin.

While David Cameron will breathe a huge sign of relief - a vote of no confidence is off the table from even his own side - you have to agree with SNP deputy leader Nicola Sturgeon - that "Scotland has changed forever"

But that change is not just coming to Scotland - it now looks like a federal UK is on the cards.

The Prime Minister's response is expected to be a rapid setting out of Devo More options for Scotland.

Of course the quid pro quo for his own backbenchers will be more powers for English MPs in particular.

The way in which the PM responds to this moment is critical for his chances of re-election - but this will be a tough ask.

For Labour - so crucial to the success of the NO campaign - a moment to savour - and breath a deep sigh of relief

The Labour conference will now go ahead as planned.

This vote continues to lock in all the UK toward Election 2015 - that still helps Labour.

Expect Ed Miliband to respond to the SNPs campaign pledges on the NHS for all the UK in his party conference speech next week.

For Alex Salmond - he can take pride in moving support for YES close to the winning line. A huge political moment.

But with 'peak oil' past long ago - there may never have been a better moment to seize his prize.

In the end - the YES campaign just didn't join the dots up on its prospectus to make it convincing for most Scots.

The Neverendum I think is off the table but all of Britain will never be the same again after indyref