alex salmond

The SNP leader denied she was leaving over "short term issues" such as the transgender rights row.
The corporation has said it "accepts" Ofcom's decision, which relates to a BBC News broadcast last month.
Former first minister says the aim is to build "super majority" for Scottish independence.
Scottish Tories' motion fails despite Holyrood report that found the first minister had misled parliament.
But first minister still faces confidence vote in Holyrood as Alex Salmond saga threatens to engulf her premiership.
First minister criticises "partisan leak" of committee's findings in Alex Salmond investigation.
First minister said she never "wanted to ‘get’ Alex Salmond” as she defends Scottish government investigation into her predecessor.
Sturgeon is giving evidence to an inquiry as factional warfare threatens the Scottish independence movement.
Glasgow MSP becomes the first Muslim leader of a major political party in the UK.