15/09/2015 07:22 BST | Updated 13/09/2016 06:12 BST

Too Busy for a Break

We live in a fast paced world and it seems there is really no other lane in life to live than the fast lane. That saying comes to mind "if you're not fast you're last" when I think about how quickly everything is done today, technology really is a blessing and a curse.

Time may be precious and fleeting but I find it to be rather peculiar too. I am not sure if you feel the same way, some days I have all the time in the world then other days it seems like I have no time at all to do the things that have to be done.

Like most of you out there many carers, young and old, don't even stop for breakfast in the morning. Morning routines may interfere with some carers' opportunities to eat in the morning: they might have to get younger siblings ready for school, help the person they care for get up and dressed and perhaps even have to administer treatment and/or medication to the person they care for. Now I understand that many people, not just carers, are missing out on the most important meal of the day however I think it all boils down to many carers putting others before themselves, ensuring their loved ones are looked after. Many times I ensured my younger sibling was fed while I continued to whittle down my to-do list, meaning I went without anything. Sometimes carers can be too busy to stop and take a break for themselves. I consider myself to be lucky as my caring role has significantly lessened thanks to a brave family member donating a kidney to the person I care for, meaning I finally have more time in the day to do the things I want to do. However not every carer has the chance of getting their caring responsibilities slackened like I have and I am filled with total admiration for these people as I understand how draining caring for someone else can be.

Throughout September and October Carers Trust are inviting people to "wake up" to the issue of caring with their national fundraising campaign, Britain's Best Breakfast.

Statistically 1 in 10 of us are carers, which accumulates to around 7 million unpaid carers all over the UK. Carers Trust are asking people just like you and me to help out in their fundraising efforts by hosting a breakfast. The money raised will go on to help fund many vital services that support our admirable and inspirational carers of all ages, up and down the country. For more information on the campaign and if you would like to take part please visit and follow us @Bestbrekkie. Every penny will go towards changing carers lives for the better.

Cooked or continental? It's up to you. So why not join in on the campaign and put the "break" in breakfast and host Britain's Best Breakfast.

I think a very poignant quote for this post would be from Alexandre Dumas's infamous characters the three musketeers, "all for one and one for all". The human spirit can be a wonderful thing especially when it comes to rallying together to help each other out.

Without charity donations services that are provided by Carers Trust just wouldn't exist and that same fact goes for every other charity out there. I think this campaign is an 'egg-cellent' idea and a great way to bring people together while making a difference in the world. #MyBestBrekkie