young carers

"Systemic" problem sees 800,000 young carers help sick and disabled parents or siblings.
'I dread the extra hours I have to do in the summer holidays as it can get very boring.'
'I just get in her bed so I don’t keep having to get up to check that she’s still okay.'
Within schools, discussion of such caring roles would be a good start, helping all young people understand the reality of other people's lives. Most of all, we need to make sure they are able to be young.
Many of these children take on all the stresses and strains of running a house at a very young age and this inevitably has an impact on their school attendance, their emotional health and their future.
Donna Plaice suffered a cardiac arrest and lost her vision four years ago.
The priorities of most pre-teen girls include navigating friendships, dealing with homework and trying their best to avoid
Did you know that there's 6.5 million carers across the UK (Carers Week, 2017), of which 700,000 of those are young?
We support these children through services ranging from work in schools, where youngsters learn it's okay to talk and ask for help, to trauma focused practice. Through all our work we make them realise there is help out there, not just on International Children's Day but every day.
We need to offer young carers more across the country. We have long known of the heavy toll being a carer takes on children, something backed up by research published recently to mark Young Carers Awareness Day.