Winter Blues?

Ask yourself this; Do you want to feel miserable? Do you want to 'blame' the weather for the whole season just so you can feel bad? I doubt it. So we need to think about the bad weather differently.

It's all very well if you are reading this blog from LA or Florida or even Mexico but if you are in an area of the world that has turned to Winter right now, then you could be part of the 'weather blaming crew'.

Winter; it's cold, rainy and it's dark early in the morning and early in the afternoon. Some people love it and then there are the people who literally hate it. The latter is usually part of the 'weather blaming crew'. The ones you hear complaining about it all the time, the ones who are miserable and feeling a little 'fed up' with it all 'because it is Winter'.

I hear this a lot in my office. Clients come in telling me how miserable they are because of the grey skies, how the darkness starts too early and it makes them miserable and fed up with their life and they 'know it's to do with the weather'.

Seriously, so many things seem to be 'blamed on the weather' that I am still amazed at how we can, as humans, find pretty much anything to 'blame' our mood on. Except of course, ourselves...

As a life coach and the founder of The Life Class, I have had over 12 years of helping thousands of clients to learn how to help themselves and ultimately feel good, no matter what is going down. By this I mean that I help clients grow into 'Emotional Adulthood' and start to understand that they are the ones that have total responsibility over how they choose to feel.

And yes, I said choose because dear reader it is always, always a choice.

For some clients it seems to be frustrating when I explain that they have a choice as to how they feel.

When I explain that we are the creator of our thoughts and our thoughts generate how we feel, this then means that we cannot 'blame' anyone or anything else for 'making us' feel anything. The feelings are on us.

This bothers them. They hold onto their resentments and don't see that actually, they are creating their own pain. They use the bad winter weather to justify their misery or disheartenment of the world never wishing to go deeper and look further into the world of choice.

And then, there are other clients who, when they understand this concept, suddenly feel like a light bulb has been switched on. They realise that by taking responsibility for their mind and not blaming anyone or anything else (this includes the bad weather) they can generate good feelings no matter what the situation. It's like a bolt of lightning generating the most amazing feelings of empowerment. Because we are after all, a lot more powerful than we know.

Blaming any situation, especially the weather, for your bad or negative feelings is you choosing not to manage your mind and in turn, your choice not to feel good. If we do not learn how to do this we live our life in a cycle of negativity. I don't think we were put here on earth to feel negative. In fact, I am pretty sure we are here to feel good, do good and create good.

So back to the weather. I want you to know you have a choice. You can make it mean something it doesn't, you can use it to justify your bad mood and if you wish, you can use it to make yourself even more miserable. The only problem here is that your outcome won't be looking too hot (excuse the pun) but seriously, if you are thinking thoughts that create negativity you will never have a positive outcome.

Ask yourself this; Do you want to feel miserable? Do you want to 'blame' the weather for the whole season just so you can feel bad? I doubt it. So we need to think about the bad weather differently.

Instead of thinking 'I hate it, it's cold and miserable and I don't want to go out' try to change your thoughts. Thinking in a more neutral or ideally more positive way feels...So. Much. Better.

Going for a thought like 'It is cold outside it is the absolute perfect time to get a great book and snuggle up in bed nice and early' or 'Cold weather means I can wrap up and take myself out for the best hot chocolate I can find - because it's hard to enjoy hot chocolate in the heat!' - It may seem silly but the truth is this; The more we manage our mind, the more we really start to feel better.

When we feel better our lives get bigger (no matter what the weather).

So may I take this opportunity to say I really hope you start to think thoughts that help you to enjoy this winter; that you kick around lots of leaves, that you enjoy all the cosy nights in or the fun nights out and most importantly, that you take care of your mind.