Segregation Only Punishes the Victim - Embracing Feminism Can Help Us All

Whether you are a fan of Jeremy Corbyn or not, it's clear that a pretty serious topic has come to light and it is crucial that we don't allow it to be surpassed and undermined by people using it as an opportunity knock a political candidate down.

Whether you are a fan of Jeremy Corbyn or not, it's clear that a pretty serious topic has come to light and it is crucial that we don't allow it to be surpassed and undermined by people using it as an opportunity knock a political candidate down.

The fact that we are having to even discuss women only segregation on trains in 2015 is absolutely tragic and something that simply cannot be overlooked.

Let's get this straight; segregation punishes the victim, ignores the issue and undermines the seriousness of the intimidation women are unfairly subjected to every single day.

Pushing women further down the train may well be a quick solution but is only a temporary solution to a significant problem and is just as effective as taking a paracetamol for a broken leg. It may temporally take the pain away but that leg is still broken and while you ignore it, it'll only get worse.

The problem isn't where women sit; the problem is the fact that women feel they can't sit in certain places because of the actions of others - actions that are thoroughly wrong.

And this isn't an issue that only women have to deal with.

As a man, I don't want to sit on a coach with people who would verbally abuse a woman; can I sit in a separate carriage too? Can we have a decent person's carriage?

I don't want my pregnant girlfriend to be subjected to vulgar comments but if I want to sit with her would I then be exposing her to them? What about when our baby is here? They both go onto the safe carriage while I'm stuck with the apes in the back?

Why should the victims face the implications while the bullies get off scot-free?

We have to stop making excuses to accommodate the obnoxious idiots. We need to be turning the focus on them, they're the ones in the wrong and unless we address that, it will only carry on.

The attitudes of a lot of men is something that leaves me utterly ashamed. A wolf whistle is not a compliment, a suggestive comment is not flirting, a proposition is a threat. That is the problem and that is what we have to fix.

By conforming and turning a blind eye to the harmful attitudes we are justifying them, giving them the ok. By not challenging the moronic behaviour we're telling our kids that it is acceptable - we're allowing young boys to grow up imitating it, while young girls grow up forever ashamed of their bodies.

Never mind segregating ourselves from them, kick the bastards off the train.

If any rules need implementing, it has to be giving more power and support to the guards on duty. They need the power to kick people off the train and they need more support to feel safe and able to do so.

To simply move people away from the abuse is commend it. It is saying, 'it's fine, but it's not for everyone'. It's giving the option; either take it on the chin or move away.

There shouldn't be a choice.

This is a chance for us now to tackle the issue head on and not allow a serious issue to be lost under political nonsense.

We have to take a serious look at why this has been suggested by women and we have to address it once and for all.

No one should be made to feel uncomfortable when travelling on public transport, regardless of gender. If they ever are, we have to ask why and find an appropriate solution.

As a man and a soon to be dad, I am utterly ashamed of the bad name men are getting for ourselves.

But we will continue to be tarred by the same brush until we stand up and turn the focus on the abusive and harmful attitudes that are damaging our name. We have to point out what is wrong and why it is wrong.

As a gender we have to embrace feminism and what it means for men as well as women.

Feminism isn't just about women getting equal rights; it is so much more.

Feminism is about shining a light on the obsolete attitudes of men, so out of date that they've developed a mold.

The benefits of feminism aren't necessarily exclusive to women - by embracing feminism men can benefit from a reassessment of the expectations of a 21st century man.

For far too long men have tried to live up to an archaic image of what a man is supposed to be. An expectation that is as damaging to themselves as it is to those around them.

There are many who will argue against feminism, belittle women and their concerns. That is all well and good but the reality is, it is 2015 and we are discussing segregating trains according to gender because men can't be trusted to act in a responsible and respectful way.

If that is not a wakeup call for men, I don't know what ever will be.

Men need to stand up and take our good name back. We're not represented by thugs, or at least we shouldn't be. We are good, honest people who can be trusted to stand side by side with a woman without looking at her arse.

We cannot continue to punish the victims, we have to crack down on the culprits otherwise nothing will ever change.

Women don't need pushing down to the back of the bus, they need genuine support and solidarity - for all our sake.


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