03/06/2015 05:53 BST | Updated 29/05/2016 06:59 BST

Same Sex Marriage in Ireland

In Northern Ireland, same sex couples cannot get married. Unable to have their love for one another. This contrasts with the rest of the United Kingdom that have laws allowing Same Sex Marriage.


Last weekend (24th May 2015), the Republic of Ireland had a Referendum that was first of its kind. This Referendum was on asking whether Same Sex Marriage should be legalized. The result was a Yes to the changes which lead to a mass celebration on the streets of Dublin.

In Northern Ireland, same sex couples cannot get married. Unable to have their love for one another. This contrasts with the rest of the United Kingdom that have laws allowing Same Sex Marriage.

My views

LGBT rights is something that I am passionate about. I am what is known as a straight ally (a straight person who supports the LGBT community. I want Same Sex Marriage to come to Northern Ireland so that marriage can be equal. I believe that marriage should be between two consenting adults who love one another.

I know that I am not alone in this, as I saw many of my friends come out in support of there being a "Yes" Result. I also know some people who are against same sex couples having more rights. People who attack from the LGBT community, portraying them as "unnatural and unclean".


Some people say that these changes are "changing the tradition of marriage". They have based their idea of marriage around their religious ideals and "Cultural norms" that have been passed down from their parents.

These people see same sex marriage as being an attack on the traditions that they are used to. People whose view of marriage isn't all that is portrayed in their religious texts. Where slaves would be forced to marry their masters or other mad "traditions".


What they do not realize is that change is necessary in life. Without it, we would still be living in a world that said that it was ok to have an African person be a slave. People would still, see black people as second class citizens.

Progression is needed and as humanity, we should be improving society for everyone. The world needs to see that human beings do not need to be programmed the same way.


Some people say that marriage is designed for the procreation and development of children. Creating a safe and stable environment in which children can develop. This is a thought pattern that makes marriage seem to be all about one thing.

What these people do not realize is that there can be abuse taking place. This would be where one of the partners cause so much pain and destruction to the other. This affects the children in that family unit, who grow up having to witness the abuse.

Why does it matter

When it comes to the law, being married offers certain protections. For example, if someone in a same sex relationship died outside of marriage. Their partner would have no legal ground to stand on when it comes to any next of kin. It would not matter how long they have been together.

Marriage is a legal proceeding, joining two people together. This is in contrast with various religions around the world. Religions that view marriage as a sacrament where God should always be involved in.


As a society, we should be teaching the values of acceptance and tolerance. Though there are some people, who were brought up with hatred and ignorance. Emotions that change the way that someone thinks and creates a set mind set.

This mind set is developed when someone is young and impressionable. They are taught the way that they should view other people. I have seen the struggle that the LGBT community have faced be accepted.


I can feel the winds of change blowing when it comes to this issue. It is the young people who are spear heading this change. It is their world that they are creating, one that is more accepting. Right now, there are calls for Northern Ireland to follow suit, with events being planned for June.

Same Sex Marriage is only one area that needs to be secured when it comes to civil rights. I hope that there will be advancements made, although it will take a great amount of work. Love is for everyone.