lgbt rights

Labour's deputy leader said going backwards on LGBTQ+ rights is not the path for electoral success.
The ruling has been described by charity Mermaids as a "devastating blow" to trans young people.
A former Tory minister also told the equalities secretary she had caused "crushing disappointment" in the trans community by rejecting calls for change.
Patrick George Zaki was blindfolded and tortured with electric shocks at a secret location, his lawyer said.
Ed Hall helped change the law on gay and lesbian rights in the armed forces, admires Remainer Tories and once supported David Cameron - but now wants a no-deal Brexit.
One of the UK's biggest celebrations of LGBTQ rights kicked off in Sussex seaside resort while Irish premier Leo Varadkar joined the party in Northern Ireland.
Amir Ashour felt unable to be LGBT and stay in his homeland of Iraq. Once he moved to where he could feel free to live life the way he wanted, Amir started work on IraQueer, a human rights organisation that envisions an Iraq where everyone is treated equally. Now, with Amplifund, he's looking to take it to the next level.
Khawla Ben Aïcha wants to amend sodomy laws used against gay Tunisians.
Ecuador has become the latest South American country to approve same-sex marriage. It comes after the Catholic majority country’s Constitutional Court passed a ruling in favour of two couples that have battled for years to have their unions legally recognised. It is not immediately clear how far-reaching the ruling will be.
When I look back to that day 30 years ago, I can see how far we’ve come and how fast – but for Britain's LGBT people, things still aren't perfect.