08/10/2014 11:30 BST | Updated 05/12/2014 05:59 GMT

Moving Forward


Sometimes I try to explain to people how serious wrestling is and how it should be appreciated on a higher level. Whilst they may see it as a simplistic form of pantomime entertainment I prefer to view it as an art form with many intrinsic and complex details that are far too high-brow for the average man. Then I do a wrestling show and the crowd chants 'sausage sandwich clap clap clapclap clap'. ...maybe you have a point.....

This month has seen me compete on two more shows, again for Grapple and All Star. There have also been many other things going on behind the scenes here at JC Thunder headquarters, so without further ado here is a full recap of what has been going down in the world of wristlocks, bodyslams and erm sausage sandwiches.


After minimal sleep I get in my car for a nice pleasant 6 hour drive to Fareham on the South Coast of England where I would once again be facing the masked Mexican known as El Ligero at All Star. How did it compare to the previous week?

Well yes the crowd still booed me, yes I still waved around my pirate flag (if only they had any idea about my link to the Caribbean - just another one of those intrinsic and complex details, right?) and yes once again Ligero ran rings around me and finished me off with a hard-hitting top rope splash that made me fart quite abruptly upon impact. However, compared to the week before my form was loads better and I actually felt like I should be there. There were still things I need to improve on, but I am definitely moving forward. To put it simply, JC got his wojo* back! Right that's that done now let's all drive that 6 hours back to Leeds...

* wojo is 'wrestling mojo'... and also a word I just made up.

Boogie and the Geek

My second match at Grapple saw Adam Dark and I take on Grapple's tag team champs Disco Wes (the 'Boogie') and JG Nash (the 'Geek'). We wrestled, we talked, something was said about sausage sandwiches, I shouted 'I hate sausage sandwiches!', crowd goes 'sausage sandwich clap clap clapclap clap' - professional wrestling at its finest.

Going into this match I was slightly dubious. I had seen B'n'G do a lot of comedy in their matches but to the point where it was over-done a little bit (in fairness the same could be said for my blog). However, on this night it was done just right and the match was fun and entertaining with some good wrestling to boot.

I did manage to kick Nash in the head really hard, which I felt bad about (ok we're breaking the fourth wall here, but believe it or not kicking someone too hard makes you a bad wrestler). However, apart from that I was pleased with my performance. The crowd seemed into it, everything ran smoothly and I think the match and all wrestlers involved all looked professional. May the wojo continue...

Some Old Friends

On Friday 7th March, I will be wrestling at GPW's event 'Diamond's Are Forever' at The Rose Club, Hindley. I'll be wrestling 'Dangerous' Damon Leigh who, like me, is an old hand at this British wrestling game and started around the same time that I did.

I have a special place in my heart for GPW, as they were one of the first places I started to get noticed. Perhaps rather selfishly I repaid them by getting them temporally banned from putting on wrestling shows at The Rose Club (which was then called the Monaco Ballroom)! Luckily that's all water under the bridge now and everything is fine (unless this is some sort of trap). This will likely be the first match back that will be filmed, which is great as hopefully I can get some footage to show you all. Better make sure I don't suck!

Talking of old friends, IPW has made some noise this month or rather one of their fans has. In what is a huge coincidence (I promise it really is) a petition was started by Brad-Adam Nixon to get me re-instated at the company where I got famous by never winning a match and then coming out on top for their championship belt. I have such fond memories of my rambling monologues that endeared me to the fans at IPW and of course the eventual title win.

True Grit

One of the big things I have been doing this month is the creation and promotion of True Grit Wrestling, which will be hosting its first show in Leeds very soon. I will not be wrestling on this show and at this time it will be separate to my return to the ring. That said, I am very proud of what we have achieved so far and look forward to it hopefully going from strength to strength.

The show promises to be a good 'un. It is called 'War of the Roses' - all the matches are Yorkshire vs. Lancashire. The venue itself is awesome and I believe we have a great card of wrestling in place for what is likely to be a fantastic evening. A mention must also go to our graphic designer, Dave Lewis, who has designed all the match graphics, logo and the website (see below).

Final Thoughts

So, things are moving forward. I'm now back in with two more wrestling promotions and hope to continue this trend over the next few months. The next step is to obtain some decent footage of myself wrestling on YouTube and start to get my name around a little bit. And talking of social media, I am now finally a member of Twitter (@JCThunder_1) - #followmenow.

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