01/10/2015 06:53 BST | Updated 28/09/2016 06:12 BST

Rugby HIIT Conditioning Session

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Since the start of the World Cup in earnest, I haven't had much game time during the opening week.

So whilst at home the other day on my day-off I decided to do a little top-up session. I roped my girlfriend, Chloe, into the session, which I wouldn't normally do, as I intensely dislike all the rubbish you see up on Instagram and Twitter, about couples who train together, apparently staying together!

Chloe trains twice a day every day and does very different stuff to what I would be doing. It goes without saying we lift different weights and so forth, so it's all very impractical. However the session we undertook together is actually great to do with a partner and requires no weight changing. It's all about bodyweight. It also helps that Chloe is a "machine" and works extremely hard in the gym as I like to do.

The idea of the session was to get a fitness top-up, without going mad and making myself too sore to hit the ground running Monday when I returned to camp. I kept everything bodyweight until we did a little upper body circuit.

As always with all the sessions I create, I like to build in an element of flexibility to enable other people performing it to be able to tailor the exercise to their own specific needs, without significantly altering the rationale behind the session.

Also it's important for this and any other session to be adaptable so that it works with the equipment to which you have access.

For example you can use a Watt Bike instead of a Versaclimber. You just need to keep the timings and sets the same. You are always working for 30 seconds, apart from the upper body part and last finisher.

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The session in today's Rugby HIIT Conditioning video is the following;

Exercise One: Versaclimber Sprints

30-seconds on - 30-seconds off x 5 sets.

Rest for two minutes

Exercise Two: Battle Ropes

You start each set with a down and up and the beginning and end. 30 seconds on 30 seconds off x 5 sets

Rest for two minutes

Exercise Three: Prowler Push

30-seconds work pushing it backwards and forward. 30-seconds rest x 4 sets

Rest for two minutes

Exercise Four: Overhead Squat

30-seconds work then 30-seconds off. If you watch the video you will see that my range is not particularly good and need adjusting. I try to go only as deep as I can keep some form. Perform this for x 4 sets

Rest for two minutes

Exercise Five: Upper Body Circuit

Lateral raise, Bicep curls, Shoulder press. Perform 10x reps of each of the three exercises

Rest for two minutes

Exercise Six: Versaclimber Finisher

Perform for 1 minute as fast and as far as you can.

This session will work you hard, so make sure you have the right hydration and nutrition to recover.

I recommend taking one of my Hades pre trainer's tablets before you do the work out. I always do, it gives you an extra boost and pushes you harder. Find out more here;

Please remember warm-up is critical. So if you are a little unsure and want to learn more about how best to best warm-up before a session. Then please check this video out;

Finally if you have any problems about technique then check out our Master Class series of videos;

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