02/08/2016 13:11 BST | Updated 03/08/2017 06:12 BST

Can the Signing of Paul Pogba Usher in a New Period of Dominance for Manchester United?


With Manchester United ready to shell out an incredible world record fee for French midfielder Paul Pogba, the real question here is, can he propel United back to the upper echelons of world football? Or will he flop under the weight of expectations which will now weigh upon his shoulders.

Certainly bookmakers have already signaled their beliefs that he is destined for Old Trafford having suspended betting on his future, this was in stark contrast earlier in the summer when they were battling with the likes of Madrid and City for his signature. However with only United willing to pay the fee for him, they quickly dropped out leaving United as the only contenders.

There's no doubting that United have the means to afford this transfer, and nobody can have second thoughts about Pogba's incredible talent. But when you hear that they are willing to pay up to £120 million for him, you would think that you are getting a complete world-beater such as Messi or Ronaldo. The kind of player who can guarantee you 40-50 goals a season.

But Pogba is still young, and undoubtedly as he continues to develop over the next few years, he will just continue to keep getting better and better. And, as a United fan myself, this does excite me. But there's always an edge of doubt that sits in your min; can he live up to the enormous fee? Will he crumble under the pressure which will now be on him for the rest of his career?

It may be unfair to make such judgements at this stage, even at the tender age of 23 he is still considered to be the best box-to-box midfielder in the world, which is why he drew such attention from Europe's elite clubs such as Manchester United and Real Madrid. But it was United who were willing to stump up the cash, and he will now fill a void which has been missing in the Red Devils' midfield since, perhaps, Paul Scholes retired - and even as far back as when Roy Keane left the club.

I, for one, hope that he will light up the Premier League and bring United back to the glory days, certainly with this transfer, and with the acquisition of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. This season will prove to be an exciting one for all United fans. And under the leadership of Mourinho, well, I think it can only be expected to make a serious challenge for not just the title, but for all major honors this season.

And whilst it may be naive to think that United can instantly start challenging for the major honors again after so many years, and it's true what they say: it does take more than money these days to make a title winning side. Which is evident from last season's champions Leicester, and even Manchester City took a few years to start winning silverware after the money came in from the Middle-East.

A side can take time to gel, but with United fans now having waited so long since Fergie's retirement to challenge for the title, I don't think Mourinho and his team will be afforded this luxury. But maybe this is the kind of pressure they can thrive under. And with this incredible talent coming in to the side, United can become a force to be reckoned with again.