10/10/2013 09:53 BST | Updated 09/12/2013 05:12 GMT

Fresher's Week The Best Week of Your University Life: Why Wasn't It Mine?

The best three years of your life, they say. You'll hear it a million times before you go, while you're there, and after you leave: university will be the best three years of your life.

The same is said for fresher's week, it will be the best week of your university life.

Starting a new life away from home brings a wealth of potential problems in tow, ranging from your financial situation to the social aspect and even the pressures of having to partake in a self-motivating study programme. Starting a new life is tough, especially during the over hyped period of 'Fresher's week'.

So, why did I not enjoy the fresher week experience? As soon as I arrived at the student accommodation, from the safety of the Manchester train, I instantly felt uncomfortable. I was the first of ten to arrive in my all boys halls, no instant introduction needed. Phew. I leave my door ajar, while I try and fail to make my new home for the next two semesters feel like my actual home.

I then hear voices. So, so many voices. My neighbour has arrived with his parents, I go to introduce myself, as expected, we awkwardly chat. We chatted about the usual, who did you come with? - I came alone, what are you studying? And was this your first choice of accommodation? - It wasn't, it was my third.

I walk the 15 minute walk to the main campus, again, I instantly feel uncomfortable. This is a new a feeling for me, this coming from someone who has experienced a lot of their feelings. I've felt nervous before - a lot of times in fact, but never uncomfortable towards a new, daunting experience.

I do what's needed. I register for my course, I get my I.D and I register with a doctor.

Night time has arrived, and it's the first night of fresher's, there are 7 of us in halls, the other three are expected to come the following day. We are awkwardly chatting among ourselves, the pre-drinks are flowing and we're learning new things about each other. I learn a few of them have been on gap years, to places such as Cambodia, Niger and one traveled Thailand.

After hearing this, I already felt like I was from a different world to my new hall mates, all of these exotic, exciting places they have visited, I haven't even been on a plane.

We went out, we drank, after the organised events we took ourselves of to experience the local night life. This was the process of the whole week. I drank a respectable amount, the others over drank and one even ended up in hospital.

On the following mornings of each of these drinking sessions, I'll wake up in my room, with tears in my eyes. It turned out I was home sick - being in a place that isn't familiar and the feeling of loneliness - thankfully this only lasted a few days. I honestly didn't expect to experience home sickness, as I thought I was a bit more emotionally stronger than this. But, from the articles I've read online, it's clear that more students experience home sickness than they are willing to admit.

I think my situation is slightly different to just being home sick, from what I have currently experienced at my current university is, I feel really uncomfortable. Will it get better for me, or will I withdraw, take a gap year and return to a university I research a bit more? As I've been told, only I know the answer to that and I think I already do.