freshers week

I've been at university for over a month now, and even if i was to go home tomorrow, even if i was kicked out this week, i could still say that i've learnt more in this short amount of time than i have in years. So why not share some of my knowledge and experiences, why not collate every fuzzy drunken memory, every cringey story and share it on the wide web for everyone to see, kill me now...
One last thing; Fresher's Flu is inevitable, so make the most of the five Jagerbombs for a tenner, and prepare for coughs and sneezes to be echoing around your lecture halls for the next six weeks.
As freshers' week approaches, experts expect to see a sharp increase in the spread of sexual transmitted infections among young people. The grim reality of STIs might be the last thing that you want to think about when heading off to university, but it's estimated that 25% of first years in the UK will catch one.
We live in an age where there are just as many people looking to do you harm online as there are in real life and it's important for students to stay vigilant. While it's essential to enjoy their new home, they need to ensure their personal details are secure and that they're the only one that can truly 'find themselves' online.
University is probably the first time that you've had to take control of every aspect of your life - from studying and budgeting, to cooking and keeping yourself healthy. It's natural to try to freestyle it and just see how it goes.
How much is Freshers' Week costing your teen?  Recent research shows that students can spend close to £400 in Freshers' Week
After wishing my eldest son good luck as he returns to his final year of uni, I'll be packing my own bag of textbooks and pens. I'm just glad I won't be sleeping in a shared student house. There are some things you really don't want to go back to.
Freshers' Week is a rite of passage for teenagers going to university, to help ease their transition into university life
We recognise that Mental Health First Aid is not a panacea, it provides that initial link and a first step on the ladder to helping someone access further support but, in my opinion, it should be considered as a core part of a wider, progressive strategy to improving mental health in higher education.
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