18/08/2014 13:08 BST | Updated 18/10/2014 06:59 BST

Ring-Ring, RING-RING... It's Jamie Oliver!

Have you ever wanted a phone call from Mr Oliver? Yes. You heard correctly. We're nearly at 1 million subscribers and Jamie will be making some personal thank yous when we cross the line! Plus one lucky winner, wherever you are in the world, will receive a great big bag'o'goodies! Watch the video below to find out the full details:

Waiting for your phone to buzz? Occupy your time with some of our favourite recipes on Food Tube.

Laugh out loud as YouTube star Hannah Hart from My Drunk Kitchen joins Jamie to make an old school favourite. Question is: will Hannah be able to handle Jamie's Spotted Dick? Served with a generous helping of custard and lashings of innuendo, this melt in the mouth sponge is one recipe that's really stood the test of time.

His highlights may have dated but his food remains insane! We're taking a trip back in time to when Jamie celebrated turning 30 with a culinary tour across Italy. Here he is in Le Marche, Central Italy, where even de-weeding the vegetable patch becomes an opportunity to cook something delicious.

Finally, drool over free running extraordinaire, Tim Sheiff, and his delicious dairy and gluten free ice cream. Coconut milk, sweet cherries and bananas will make this super healthy dessert a summer favourite. You'll be doing back flips when you taste this one, FoodTubers!

Waiting can be thirsty work and, whether it be celebrations or commiserations, Drinks Tube have the cocktails for all occasions.

This cocktail classic will have you ready to strut the streets of New York; celebrating singledom, love and VIP parties! It combines Grey Goose orange vodka with orange liqueur, cranberry juice and some fresh lime. And if you try Simone's 'orange peel' trick, be careful...

The much-loved DJ BBQ joined our brothers and sisters on Drinks Tube to celebrate Independence Day. Whether a day of liberation or just the fact that it's the weekend make sure you grill and muddle this drink up - it's outrageous!

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