How to Say Goodbye to Winter Broken Skin

Spring is finally here! Well, it technically started in March, but the weather still seemed like winter back then. However, it doesn't mean that the havoc that winter brought upon our skin is over. To get that healthy glow on our skin back, we ought to re-evaluate our skin care routines and lifestyle choices to fit the season.

Spring is finally here! Well, it technically started in March, but the weather still seemed like winter back then. However, it doesn't mean that the havoc that winter brought upon our skin is over. To get that healthy glow on our skin back, we ought to re-evaluate our skin care routines and lifestyle choices to fit the season.

Re-evaluate your facial cleanser and moisturiser

Your cleanser or moisturiser may be causing your skin to be too oily or too dry this spring. With the change in weather comes the need to recheck if your facial products are still working for your skin which might react differently to the weather. I found that my current cleanser was too light and moisturisers too heavy causing my skin to be oily. To put my skin back in shape, I now use Sasy n Savy's Spearmint n Lavender Sea Salt Foaming Cleanser as it takes away more dirt, oil and grime on my skin and complement it with Spiezia Organics' Nourishing moisturiser which acts as a rich day moisturiser but feels light on the skin. Both products are organic and have natural ingredients. However, there are days when I need a lighter moisturiser, so I use Vitabella's Repair and Protect Gel which has aloe vera as the main ingredient and is paraben-free.

Mask your troubles away

Masks are a great way to give your face the intense treatment that they need. For my weekly mask, I use Sasy n Savy's Vitamin Enriched Facial Recovery Masque mask which detoxifies as well as restores the skin, but is not too strong that it dries out my skin. However, I experienced a break out purging period before my skin cleared up. During this break out period, I discovered that my moisturisers, which have oil, aggravated my acne so I changed my moisturiser to Skin Shop's Silver Serum as it helps reduce acne or at least doesn't make it worse.

When I have more time to spare and don't want to risk breaking out, I use a detox mud called hungarymud on my face or whole body, imitating Resense, a European Spa in their definitive wrap treatment. Whilst I have to mix the powder with water myself and can't duplicate the spa experience which might include a facial or massage before, I can at least harness the benefits of a spa-like mud detox done at home.

Try to find a mask that fits your current need whether it be to detox, hydrate or rejuvenate your skin. Sometimes, when you go get a facial, your facialist might also be kind enough to tell you what mask you are using so you might be able to buy the product and use at home.

Try to treat acne naturally

No one likes acne but before opting for products containing benzoyl peroxide and sulfur, try treating it naturally. When I had an unusual outbreak of acne, instead of opting for chemical infused washes and treatments, I went for Beyond Organic's Purifying Cleanser (92% natural), Clarifying Toner (100% natural) and Treatment Gel (99% natural) which had willow bark, tea tree witch hazel,and coltsfoot to combat acne. The brand believes that many skin conditions such as allergies, eczema, dermatitis are brought about by the overload of synthetic chemicals in their system so it's great to see high levels of natural ingredients in their acne range. After this acne episode, I went back to my normal facial routine.

For individual spot treatment, I use Absolute Aroma's Ord River Tea Tree Oil Solution, with tea tree essential oil as the main ingredient. I could have bought tea tree essential oil and mixed it with water to get a similar concoction, but I didn't want the hassle. Alternatively, I use Eve Taylor's Purifying Spot Gel which had tea tree, lavender and lemongrass essential oil as the main active ingredients when I didn't want to fiddle with cotton swabs for application. Both of these spot treatments worked similarly to chemical spot treatments and were effective, but it probably took around 2-3 days more to subside for larger spots. Smaller ones disappeared quite rapidly.

Minimize the need for makeup

Gunky makeup can potentially block your pores if applied in huge amounts or if left on overnight, so try to get away with as little makeup as possible for daily wear. I prefer trying to make my skin look better naturally without makeup so I use Fix Me Repairing Serum from Yours Truly Organics to help smoothen out my skin. To cover up spots, I use Skin Shop's Conceal & Shield concealer which not only conceals the blemish but reduces the inflammation and acne bacteria at the same time. If you can find a moisturiser or serum that helps make your skin look better and a concealer that helps with your skin condition, this would be better that covering it all up with thick makeup in the long run.

Moisturise your body

Just because it isn't winter anymore doesn't mean the rest of your body can be neglected. Try to moisturise regularly, or at least once a week so your skin doesn't get dry. I like Lush's organic therapy massage bar as it is very convenient to apply just right after shower, so it doesn't add much more time to your bathing routine. It is packaged like a soap, but instead of bubbling, it just melts so you can apply it quickly without leaving the shower just like you are soaping your body. Other Lush massage bars are also available and have different scents but I prefer this one because it is 100% organic.

When my skin is really feeling dry, I go for Spiezia Organics' Restorative Body Balm and Soothing Leg & Foot Balm. Both products are 100% organic and slides on to the skin with ease whilst providing really good hydration to the skin. Alternatively, Lotil cream is an economic oil-free rich multi-purpose cream that could be used all over the body. Since it is oil-free, it can also be used on the face when you have acne. It is quite handy to keep around in case you run out of a specific cream or lotion.

Examine the effects of your haircare routine

Whilst you are avoiding chemicals in your skin, what you put in your hair might be potentially harmful or irritating to your skin. I try to go with brands which have organic and natural ingredients even in haircare to make sure all the effort I put into my skin isn't destroyed by a hair product. I remember using a great conditioner that made my hair silky smooth but caused my skin to be oilier. Currently, I use O'Right's Tea Tree Shampoo and Green Tea Conditioner to keep my hair clean and balanced the natural way.

Clean your surroundings

Living in a cleaner environment will reduce the likelihood of your skin coming into contact with more bacteria. I noticed that my skin was in slightly better shape when I diligently changed my sheets more regularly.

Exercise and eat healthy

Exercise is vitally important as it will get your circulation going and bring a healthy glow to your skin. Obviously, you also need to eat healthily to give your skin the nutrients that it needs. Although I try to cook healthy food when I have time, it is not always possible with today's busy schedule to factor in. However, you can opt to have healthy ready made snacks available whenever you are hungry instead of reaching for that chocolate bar or bag of crisps. In fact, there is a new discovery service called Superfoodio which sends you a box of new superfood-infused treats every month to help you find more alternatives to sugary snacks. When you get discouraged, always remember that trying to exercise and eat healthy is better than not trying at all.

Combat stress with scent

Stress does have an effect on your body and sometimes it can show on your skin. On these days, I dab a bit of Absolute Aromas' Bergamot Essential Oil on my fingers to rub on my temples during the daytime and a bit of Absolute Aromas' Organic Lavender Essential Oil to help me sleep better at night. I find both of these scents de-stressing. When I have more time to myself, I apply Spiezia Organics' Body Firming Oil while gently massaging my sore areas. It smells very pleasant and is hydrating to the skin so I can keep it on all day. It might be good to find a scent that may relax you and sniff it, as long as it's not an illegal drug, to calm you down.

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