11/01/2018 10:45 GMT | Updated 11/01/2018 11:32 GMT

Not Happy With Your Matric Results? Here Are Your 4 Options

Here's the how, when and where of getting your matric results re-marked, re-checked or otherwise improved.

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If you are not happy with your matric results, then you can do something to improve them. Here are the four key options you have:

1. Get your exam papers re-checked

2. Get your exam papers re-marked

3. Apply to rewrite some subjects (supplementary exams)

4. Study something that does not require matric

1. Get your exam papers re-checked

If you ask for a re-check, your exam papers will be checked for marking errors. Were all your marks properly counted? Were they added up correctly?

If you want a re-check, then you must move fast. You must apply for a re-check at your school or department of education district office before the January 19 deadline, so you don't have much time. The fee is R21 per paper re-checked.

2. Get your exam papers re-marked

If you ask for a re-mark, your paper is marked a second time –– the deadline to apply is also January 19. The fee for a re-mark is R92 per paper.

If you want to view your exam papers, then you can only do that after the re-mark or re-check. You must apply to view your paper within seven days after the release of the re-mark or re-check. Viewing your paper will cost R180 per paper.

3. Apply to rewrite some subjects (supplementary exams)

Supplementary exams give 2017 Matric students a second chance in February and March . The closing date to apply for a rewrite is also January 19, so if you want to rewrite any subject, apply for a supplementary exam now.

Check if you qualify to write supplementary exams

You can write supplementary exams if you:

a) failed no more than two subjects,

b) had medical reasons for missing your November exam dates,

c) do not have marks good enough to enter higher education (this is your chance to improve your marks and get that Bachelor's pass you want!)

d) had traumatic personal problems like a bereavement during the November exams.

Get all the details on the department of basic education website.

4. Study something else

Maybe matric is just not your thing. There are many courses you can study at public TVET colleges and at private colleges that do not require a matric.

Read here about 16 accredited college courses you can start without matric.

Here is a list of public TVET colleges.

Here is a list of distance-learning private colleges.

Read here about your many other options.