13/12/2017 02:58 GMT | Updated 13/12/2017 10:43 GMT

So You Get Your Matric Results. Now What?

Getting funding for your studies will be even more difficult than getting the marks you wanted.

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Where to get your matric results

For the National Senior Certificate, the final release date is 4 January 2018. On that date, the minister releases the results. And the next day you can get your results from your school, or in the newspapers, or online at the website of the Department of Education.

You can get your results online here: National Senior Certificate Exam Results.

The IEB results can be found here. These will be released at midnight on 2 January 2018.

Finish your matric -- you will earn twice as much

If you fail matric, or if you are not happy with your results... Go back and try again. The expected income of someone who has finished matric, is nearly twice that of someone who has never completed matric.

Yes, many people make a success of their lives without matric -- but this is your chance to get the best matric you can.

Supplementary exams

There will be supplementary exams early in 2018. Where you can improve your results. You can also take another year, and re-do up to three subjects. And then write those exams at the end of 2018.

If you did your matric over more than one exam sitting, then you can apply to have all your marks combined into a single matric certificate, showing your best results. Remember, your credits are NOT automatically combined. Except if you write a supplementary exam.

You can apply for a replacement certificate: change of status. Find out more at the Department of Education.

Getting funding for your studies is even more difficult than getting the results you want in Matric.

University -- for the lucky few

Our universities do not have space for everybody who gets a Batchelor's pass or a Diploma pass. So if you apply, you are not guaranteed a space. Last year, some universities had up to ten applicants for every available seat they have.

Unisa -- also just a lucky few?

Although Unisa offers their courses via distance learning, they also have limited space for students. So, if you apply, you are not guaranteed a space either.

Private universities

We have many private institutions that are accredited by the CHE to offer post-matric qualifications and degrees. Soon we shall have complete private universities.

Public, as well as private higher education providers, are offering more and more distance learning courses. So if you don't get a seat, you may still be able to study from home.


You can choose from Public TVET Colleges (FET Colleges), as well as private colleges. With many distance learning colleges, students who can find the funding, should be able to find a place to study next year.


Getting funding for your studies is even more difficult than getting the results you want in matric. Read more about how to fund your studies here.