Social care is in crisis and yet we’ve been waiting over 700 days for the Government to publish the Social Care Green Paper and start the first steps towards a long term funding solution.
Getting funding for your studies will be even more difficult than getting the marks you wanted.
Footing the bill for your tertiary education and training isn't a walk in the park.
Until such a robust strategy is in place - and VODG is committed to co-operating with any actions along these lines - the future is uncertain for a sector that millions of people rely on for essential support.
The giant triton sea snail loves eating crown of thorns starfish.
Last week a research story about lithium and dementia from Denmark caught the attention of the UK press and I have since been asked by a number of families about potential trials after I commented in the press.
As summer ends, the news is of children's nurseries and older people's care homes facing closure. The reason is simple - state
It is almost impossible to convince the people who for years have recognised only international brands to buy into yours.
Not enough money is invested in businesses led and run by women. This isn't a secret, and it's a constant source of frustration