04/07/2016 06:29 BST | Updated 01/07/2017 06:12 BST

Feminine Power

How empowering is that for women and men and doesn't it make you happy in these turbulent times!? We really do have the power to change things for the better through our thoughts and beliefs.


'We are far more united and have far more in common with each other than things that divide us.' - Jo Cox MP

The world order is changing because the people are demanding it.

I truly believe humanity is going through a massive shift at this moment in time, into a whole new energy and level of consciousness.

The future of global business will belong to the right-brain thinkers in this new conceptual age of quantum thinking where empathy and collaboration are key.

This is where the grey-suited intransigent bureaucrats will stop calling the shots and women will play an even greater role in society. Women have been mastering for the last 50 years a masculine version of power. Until now power has been defined exclusively in masculine terms. We need the feminine power to guide us through these challenging times. This is not making masculine power wrong - it just needs to be balanced with feminine power which brings both masculine and feminine values and traits to the table.

Jungian psychology teaches that men are masculine on the outside and feminine on the inside and women are feminine on the outside and masculine on the inside. When personal and/or business relationships are balanced in giving and receiving everything works in perfect harmony - yin and yang.

The world needs the feminine power more than ever before to bring balance to a dangerously unbalanced misrepresentation of humanity. Women have so many gifts and talents to offer the world and so do men - we just need to give more balance to all our feminine and masculine traits. To me feminism is about equality which includes men - it's all about balancing the feminine and masculine traits in us all.

Arianna's Third Women's Revolution is to change the world that men have designed and the pioneers will require the four pillars of "well-being, wisdom, wonder and giving" to drive this change forward. However the future of leadership is not ego-driven (male) - it's about empowering people (female) and I do believe that women are getting stronger in this new era. With the great possibility of a first woman president in the USA and another possible female UK Prime Minister - watch what happens over the next few months and years - a new order will be established. It is always the feminine energy that brings balance, peace and harmony to the male - so I believe we need to help men embrace their feminine side. The world needs healing and I believe kindness, spirituality and empowerment are becoming more important factors in peoples lives.


In these tumultuous times a new world order is transpiring into the far reaches of our society to a whole new consciousness from religion to politics to education to medicine and science et al.

This life is an inside job - we have everything we need we just need to be aware of it. I truly believe that if you change your energy you can change your life and I believe that women are at the forefront of this change. The placebo effect in medicine has shown that what we believe can literally have an impact on our bodies - so whatever you don't resolve in life, your body will do it for you! Think empowering thoughts because what you focus on expands and in the quantum worldview the observer effect is calling the shots!

How empowering is that for women and men and doesn't it make you happy in these turbulent times!? We really do have the power to change things for the better through our thoughts and beliefs.

'Forget the glass ceiling - let's change the system altogether by redefining the very meaning of success.' - Arianna Huffington