How to Create True Prosperity

How to Create True Prosperity

'When we get frightened, we want to control everything and then we shut off the flow of our good. Trust life. Everything we need is here for us.' - Louise L. Hay

I recently presented a workshop on prosperity and how to make prosperity fall in love with you. I'm not just talking about prosperity in finances but in life too - be it career, health and healing, relationships, time, or whatever you want to create so that you are living in the great fullness of life.

We all teach what we need to learn and I have learnt the following about attracting and maintaining the abundant life that you may want to create:

1. The happiest people I know are definitely not the richest. In fact I've been out with billionaires and squillionaires and few were that happy with themselves. They worked so hard to make even more money that I realised more money was never going to be enough - because they felt that they were not enough. I believe you need more and more of the material life to keep the sense of emptiness at bay if you don't have a fundamental connection to the Source or the Universal energy that is all around us.

Our source of income is not the business, the job, customers, clients or spouse - these are just channels for our supply. Our source of income is our connection to the Universe. The Universe is your source of supply. The Universe will take care and provide for you once we overcome the faulty conditioning of our subconscious.

2. The subconscious records everything so you will have beliefs from your childhood that you may not have been aware of that you are functioning on now, many years later. So become aware of your own beliefs and change them through gentle persuasion with meditation, affirmations and visualisations. Dig deep and ask yourself questions about your childhood beliefs and change them if necessary. After all, a thought can be changed and you don't want to be running your life on out-of-date beliefs!

3. The Universe is always in motion with pure energy and vibration and everything vibrates and nothing rests. Vibrations of the same frequency resonate with each other, so like attracts like - that is the Law of Attraction in motion. Everything is energy including your thoughts - so if you consistently focus on what you want not what you don't want - you will find your vibrational match. Take charge of your life by focusing on what you want and by law you will have it because your life is reflected back to you by your vibrational thinking.

4. I was fortunate to have a father who was a successful businessman and he was also a great believer in being happy. He would say to me, 'If you're happy darling the rest will follow,' and you know, he was right. Happiness is a huge part of being prosperous. It is the natural state of our being when we let go of all the negative thoughts we may hold onto. However, lasting happiness and true success are a result of consistent focus on being happy now, in the moment.

5. The Universe will send you financial problems when you lose faith - so connect to the universal energy who will guide and help you - you just have to connect through your subconscious by going quiet with meditation and by changing your inner dialogue. Remember, our actions come from our feelings, which come from our thoughts - so every rich action comes from every rich thought! The words you use carry tremendous power and energy too - so state what you want not what you don't want. Stand up and open your arms - preferably in front of a mirror and see how it feels and say "I am open and receptive to all good." How you see yourself is what you will be.

Once you have sowed the seeds in your subconscious mind you will then have fertile ground to practice your gentle affirmations and visualisations using positive, life-enhancing words and thoughts. Once you've applied these principles it takes @21 days to build a neural pathway to the brain. Watch what happens and keep using the principles to keep yourself in check - I do regularly!

6. Keeping a gratitude journal and giving thanks is another way of attracting prosperity and success because it will remind you of all the things in your life you're grateful for now. Just keep adding to it and read it often! It will help override any limiting beliefs you may have lurking in your subconscious too.

7. No complaining either about anything - you will just attract the negative stuff to you. Try going for 7 days without complaining about anything - you'll be amazed at what will happen and how your life will turn around and you'll start attracting all the positive stuff! Imagine abundance in every area of your life from love, joy, time, money and start your dream life as though you were living it now!

8. Keeping a clean and tidy uncluttered house, office, wallet, bag, and wardrobe will all help allow new energy to come into your life which gives you access to the feel-good factor - which attracts prosperity!

9. Exercise, good nourishing food and a hydrated body will all add to the feelings of well-being and abundance too! Make yourself so shiny you attract the good stuff like a magnet!

And remember, there are no such things as problems - only opportunities. So see yourself as your source of abundance and just expect the best and believe you are living it now. And so it is.

How empowering is that?


'To obtain your desired outer results, you must first master the inner game of wealth.' - T. Harv Eker