20/01/2017 09:55 GMT | Updated 21/01/2018 05:12 GMT

The Point Of Power Is In The Present Moment


Photo by Jane Fuller.

The future depends on what we do in the present - Ghandi

Life is now.

Life will always be in the now.

So live consciously.

Be present.

Just feel the power of your present moment.

The present moment is really all there ever is to experience everything.

So if our point of power is always in the present moment, then we can really be, do, or have anything that we give our full attention to.

So don't wait - there will never be a perfect moment - the time is now.

The only impact we can make is in the present moment and future present moments.

What is one positive action you can take at this moment now to seize the day?

If we centre ourselves in the present moment we become present and are not distracted by our mind chatter. This is where meditation can centre our mind and we are then able to access our deeper self, help fill our grid-in and we can become more alive and awake, ready to seize the day! I truly believe that the present moment is the entry point into spiritual awakening. Seeing the moment for what it is and not clouding it with future or past thoughts - just being present, will help you connect to your inner self.

Procrastination is really the fear to start now in the present moment. Fear is really a compass showing us where to go. So start living and replace fear with courage. If you give your all - 100% - you can honestly say you've seized the day by being consciously aware of the present moment. The more we are present, the better the quality of our doing will be.

This way you get to decide how your life is going to be from this moment on as you are the creator of your life. It's never too early to start living consciously and your mindset is key. When you win the inner game - the outside takes care of itself. So set goals in every area of your life (not only on January 1st!) and align your subconscious with your conscious and you will then move towards your goals.

You have far greater power to influence yourself for good or bad than anyone or anything outside of yourself. Make the decision today to get onside, your side, consistently and powerfully from this moment forth, and really be consistent in the way you change your thinking. Everything we do must be an authentic expression of who we truly are and being in the present moment will help guide us.

Here are three things I do to help me get in the moment and have a spiritually nourishing day:

  1. Wake up early and enjoy the silence that brings. In fact, a great day starts the night before with a good night's sleep - then you can seize the day with gusto! Honouring small rituals like making some lovely tea in a bone china cup and having gratitude for creating the great day ahead.

  2. I meditate for a few minutes to quieten the mind and open the heart and to get into the present moment. The actions you take and the decisions you make on a daily basis are very powerful so by cultivating quiet time and silencing the mind for just a few minutes will help you stay centred and calm throughout the day. Self analysis and reflection in quiet moments help heal ourselves.

  3. I go outside to exercise and connect with nature in the park and look up and connect to that universal energy and ask 'What would you have me do today?' Moving your body and savouring nature is good for the spirit and soul and makes you feel good! Listen to what your body is telling you by becoming more self aware. When you feel good - the more you allow.

So recognise the possibility in every moment because that is where joy resides. The task in life is to face sacred moments. You're going to miss this moment some day - so be there - it's all about the journey not the destination.

Here's to a great 2017!


Be focused, be determined, be hopeful, be empowered. - Michelle Obama