20/07/2016 07:13 BST | Updated 20/07/2017 06:12 BST

Grief-stricken Post-Brexit Snowflake Nonsense

I've had some wet, teary and quite frankly ludicrous outpouring of grief emails from the Remainiacs. Those who were more measured in their approach of course received a considered reply.

Yesterday, an unsolicited email dropped into my Inbox from a 'crowd funded think-tank', a new one on me. You can read the drivel here.

Essentially, they are saying that any young person or someone up to 35 years of age, who voted Remain are caring, considerate, want to save the world/whales/one-legged giraffes, etc. But those who voted Brexit are uncaring, sadistically inclined, and probably like pulling the legs off spiders with no heart nor soul. Apparently, they received no funds from British taxpayers' pockets, also known as the EU gravy train.

I think the Remainiacs are like those Claire Fox described in a column for The Spectator, when she called them the Snowflake Generation, those who like safe spaces.

This is the generation that is also wracked by a superior sense of importance. They have been told by their parents and their teachers that they can have it all. Go and get a media studies degree Tarquin, yes Florian you can become a criminologist, just like those nice people on television, but he's not told that the police service has been cut to the bone and that criminologists are being laid off.

Someone needs to tell Tarquin that the media are shedding jobs all over the place too.

And what about young Isabella? She'd love to do singing and dancing. Mummy and Daddy support her so much and think she's tremendous on stage, on Facebook and in school plays. But make a career out of it? Get a grip.

Mrs May's new government needs to tell the snowflake generation that their degrees in media, film studies and singing and dancing are a waste of time, they're extra-curricular activities and a waste of taxpayers' money providing them as degree subjects.

Those that voted Brexit are on brickbuilding courses, NVQs or trying desperately to get a nursing or midwifery course. But they can't as they government has cut the grants and places. No wonder we are seeing so many overseas nurses.

Mrs May needs to tell snowflakes, parents and teachers, via industry: this is where the jobs are, this is what we need economically and then to fund the courses. That's STEM, NVQs and the like.

Perhaps then the crowd funders and Remainiacs might have a little breakdown but we'll all be better off economically and not kidding our kids.