I Challenge Natalie Bennett to Disown Green Extremists Who Campaign Against Ukip

You describe Nigel's statement as bigoted, racist and disgusting. Ms Bennett, why is it disgusting to want to have control over our borders, to choose the people we want in our country rather than an open door policy that does not discriminate against criminal gangs, people traffickers and child prostitution?

Dear Ms Bennett - is Ms the right title, don't want to be politically incorrect as in your world it's a punishable offence? I'm Ukip South East Chairman, as well as the No2 MEP candidate for the south east. See the use of the title? Chairman, not chair, chairperson, chairwoman, etc, chairman.

Let me correct some of your skewed thinking.

If the Romanians were doctors, IT professionals or care workers, they would be more than welcome but they would have to apply for a visa first.

You describe Nigel's statement as bigoted, racist and disgusting. Ms Bennett, why is it disgusting to want to have control over our borders, to choose the people we want in our country rather than an open door policy that does not discriminate against criminal gangs, people traffickers and child prostitution?

UK Border officials tell me that there are 9-10 van loads of Romanians queuing to get into Dover every day in 12-30 seater mini buses, some of which are half full of children whose names do not match the adults on the coach.

I suggested to the UKBA that this was people trafficking. He agreed but, because they now have EU passports, they are powerless to act. Did you not read that two weeks ago 22 Slovak Roma were arrested in Kent for child prostitution and people trafficking? This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Why do you promulgate the Labour lies that we want to privatise the NHS? We haven't published our 2015 General Election manifesto yet.

A&E departments are collapsing under the strain, this is somewhat due to government cutbacks, GPs' unsocial hours, whereby they work the hours to suit them, rather than the taxpaying patients, but is also due to population explosion, lack of forward planning and immigrants using the system as a walk-in service.

Your damaging policies on housing will concrete over the UK countryside. The biggest concern across the south east is immigration and housing. The Tories are now building on the greenbelt as more houses are needed because of uncontrolled immigration. Fifty per cent of new housing (according to the housing minister, Nick Boles) is to accommodate migrants.

We need 250,000 new primary school places in London and the south east. Who is paying for this and where are these schools going to go?

You don't say too much about climate change and how you would continue to spend taxpayers' money on useless wind farms and other renewable scams.

The Climate Change Act, which you and the LibLabCon supported, has added £500 a year to every family's heating bill. Is that acceptable? Have you told the electorate that green taxes are due to rise by 200% in the next few years? That we have spent £1000,000,000m on wind farm subsidies since 2010 that goes into the pockets of rich landowners? That the green jobs promise is a lie?

Take the Ramsgate (Kent) offshore windfarm. Just twenty one permanent jobs have been created. The turbines were made in Denmark, is owned by Swedes and with each job costing £3m per person per year, is that worth it when it doesn't keep the lights on?

Have you told the electorate that your energy policy would lead to the lights going off as you don't believe in nuclear power or fossil fuels? When the average family puts the dishwasher, cooker, washing machine and flicks on the kettle at Coronation Street's half time, the lights will go off all over the UK.

Then you go on to say that Ukip's 'dangerous, divisive and damaging rhetoric, and been almost unchallenged'. Well, the great unwashed socialist workers' party wing of the Greens did that on Saturday.

My activists and I were in Ashford town centre when we were ambushed by your thugs.

My distinguished elderly gentlemen were called racist bigots by the Judean People's Front of Ashford, the barmy army of the Greens. One's a self-proclaimed witch that carries out exorcism, the other an eco socialist (whatever that is) and the other an anarchist. They are all standing for the Green party.

Ms Bennett, if these people were to knock on doors with their repugnant views people wouldn't vote for you. Instead, they chose to harass my party workers, calling them racist bigots, hindering the course of democracy by confronting people who approached our stand and told us they were voting Ukip. I would suggest they're more swivel-eyed and fruit cake-like than any Kipper.

One young woman, in her thirties who had never voted before, felt very intimated after she had told me she was voting for Ukip and was accosted by your coven. Later, she called the police and I hear another member of the public did too.

Is this the acceptable face of the Greens in Kent?

Yes, I did give them the middle finger when they took my photograph, but that's mild compared with your hateful posters and actions.

An inconvenient truth for you - I marched with Rock Against Racism and the Anti-Nazi League, my views have not changed.

People like your activists that are the dangerous ones. As I stated last week, it is people like them that incite violence. The police told me that they are akin to extreme animal rights activists. One of your Ashford members is a member of Hope not Hate, who have directed their abuse at me and other Ukip activists.

I have had the protection of body guards and the police at public meetings because of your party members. We have been physically attacked and our property damaged.

My father didn't fight on the WWII Russian convoys to have my free speech curtailed, nor to have my female party members called Nazi sluts.

However, it's nearly over. I've spoken at dozens of public meetings across the south east, along with my colleagues. We regularly get 50-150+ each night, 3-4 nights a week, fifty per cent of whom are members of the public, not Ukip members. In Margate on Sunday night (yes, a Sunday night), 1300 attended to hear Nigel Farage, me and others. Can the Greens match that?

I will continue to take your barmy army on - on the streets and in the European Parliament to expose you for what you are - extremists.

In the meantime, I demand an apology from you for the disgraceful way you run an election campaign and on behalf of the Monty Python sketch re-enacted by your people on Saturday.

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