european elections

Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party is celebrating after taking almost a third of the vote at the European elections. The Liberal Democrats are also hailing their best ever European election results, taking second place with 21%. Voters appear to have signalled their anger over Brexit by deserting the main parties, with Labour holding 15% of the vote while the Conservatives are in fifth place behind the Green Party with just 9%.
Between the most bizarre European elections and Theresa May's resignation, the Conservative Party might have outlived its purpose... unless Boris Johnson really will save it from oblivion.
Two polling stations in Kingston have also had to close due to an unexploded WWII bomb.
While Ukip and the Brexit Party hope to make gains, look to Labour – the party that wants to unite us, celebrate our differences, tackle discrimination and take on the deep-rooted power of the few.
The East Midlands voted Leave by a clear majority in 2016, but everwhere we go we receive with a warm welcome, and the majority of people were very supportive towards our party and the idea of a People’s Vote.
Scientists say we have five years to change course on climate change. The next European parliament term is five years – they are a matter of life and death
With the Greens you won’t have to compromise – you can vote for a party who opposes Brexit, and has fought for longer than any other party against austerity, privatisation and war.
The coming elections are about much, much more than Brexit but will weigh significantly on how we leave the EU, and what our future relationship with Europe looks like
If you want to Remain, shirk your party hat, hold your nose and vote for the Liberal Democrats, the Greens, the SNP, Plaid Cymru and Change UK.