31/03/2013 10:04 BST | Updated 29/05/2013 06:12 BST

Easter Break from 'Rubies in the Rubble'

Running for the last train with hundreds of other London hopefuls, I knew I was at the back of the pack and my current location - slotted in the doorway between carriages - confirms my place in the race for a seat.

But I still can't wait to be back home in Scotland, on the farm, for the Easter break.

Easter is celebrated like Christmas in our family. A rigid, clockwork routine year in, year out starting with the family breakfast, invasion of cousins, the Easter egg hunt (by mum - a notorious expert hider) and church. Then home for salmon and sherry, roast lamb lunch, a long walk with our egg rolling competition all before aunty Alice's Sommnel cake, a sickly amount of chocolate and silly traditional games into the evening.

The favourite part is always egg rolling which is inevitably incredibly competitive and is perhaps unique to our family.

At the top of the farm's steepest, boulder scattered hill we start the competition. Lined up with dogs in tow and armed with your personalized hard-boiled egg we start the race.

Round 1, under arm. Round 2, below the shoulder and 3, (if you make it) over arm! Each round slowly eliminates broken or exploded eggs and is judged on distance. Then the two surviving candidates finish with 'the egg off' to secure the final winner.

Its a hilarious tradition that everyone, including granny, gets involved with the many theories on best technique and you hear a slight competition between aunts of whose hens lay the strongest, yellowest eggs!

So sitting on the floor, clutching onto my bags and getting cramp from the cold, I'm suddenly so appreciative of my wonderful family, homemade food and a warm house to get home - I cant wait but am also really hopeful that everyone can feel safe and have people around them to enjoy Easter with this year!

Have a lovely Easter everyone and if you haven't bought your eggs yet... buy Devine fair-trade Chocolate. Having recently had dinner with the founder, I was enamored by their business and integrity. With 45% owned by their cocoa farmers - not only does it taste good, it is good and at Rubies in the Rubble, that's what we will be buying!