19/03/2016 11:12 GMT | Updated 19/03/2017 05:12 GMT

Top Five: Sausage Dogs on Social

People love sausage dogs; they're hilarious, they're adorable and they're very on trend. As a Miniature Dachshund owner myself, as well as a long time lover of the breed, I've found it somewhat amusing to see the amount of Dachshund related products circulate the market lately. The funniest sausage dog related thing at the moment though, has to be Kylie Jenner and the latest addition to the KUWTK family. I remember raising a puppy as an extremely stressful experience, Kylie it seems, is taking the process in her stride, letting her new puppy chew a $400 Fendi keyring. It's fine I'm not judging you Kylie, I'd let my dog chew that fluffy monstrosity too.

This all got me thinking about how that little Dachshund (Odie I believe he's called) will soon become an Internet sensation just like his Mum. In anticipation of this, I've decided to look into some of the best social media profiles that sausage dogs have to offer.


Harlow and Sage are seasoned Instagrammers with an already huge following but they're definitely worth mentioning if you haven't already heard of them. Originally the duo was Harlow, a beautiful Weimaraner, and Sage the Miniature Dachshund. Since Sage's passing, Harlow has found herself two new friends in the form of Indiana and Reese and the trio are possibly the most beautiful triumvirate the planet has ever seen.


Oh hai 👋🏽

A photo posted by Puddin' Alan Lickman (@puddinsta) on

Puddinsta is an up and comer in the instagram game; with only a small amount of followers and a few photos to date, he's one to watch. Named Puddin Alan Lickman after the amazing Alan Rickman, this little pup is melting hearts left, right and center. Keep your eyes peeled for skate related photos, drake lyric captions and a little face that will warm even the coldest heart.


Yesterday's walkies 🐾 🌿 This is só them. Merlot is alway keeping an eye on other dogs and Diesel is like "can we just go.....please?" 😏

A photo posted by D I E S E L ⛽️ & M E R L O T 🍷 (@dutchdapplez) on

Dutchdapplez is the account of Diesel and Merlot, two stunning dappled and wire-haired Dachshunds from Gouda in Holland. As these two are the proud owners of the popular hashtag #FloppyEarsFriday, they definitely belong on the list. These two look like a pair of characters that I would love to be friends with.


So you say I used to not be fluffy..I'll believe it when I see it. 😉🙃

A photo posted by Nutmeg Violett (@nutmegthelongdog) on

Nutmeg Violett reminds me of those beautifully groomed dogs at Crufts with fur that you just want to bury your face in. Occasionally dressed up but permanently adorable, she's the outdoorsy type that makes passersby swoon. Her owners also make Dachshund related jewelry too so you know they're legit.


Blue and Pogo have only been online for a month, but boy have they gathered a following. It's no surprise either; they're an Instagram dream, shot cuddling each other on a pastel or grey background they're pretty much the embodiment of the photo sharing platform. If only my flat were as whitewashed as that and I could snap the perfect Instagram picture of my Miniature Dachshund.

Sure, these are only five of the millions on sausage dog related Instagrams out there, but they're the ones I love the most. Please, do let me know of any others, I'm a big fan.