09/05/2017 09:45 BST | Updated 09/05/2017 09:45 BST

Why Do You Object To Breastfeeding In Public?

Breastfeeding in public is, for the most part, becoming more and more accepted. I have breastfed two babies now and rarely come across any negativity. That said, there are still people out there who have problem with seeing a mother breastfeeding her child and can be very vocal about that.

I'm going to have a look at a few of the comments on Twitter and discuss them.

Jimmy Ford‏@padspadsiam

If you can breast feed in public, I should be able to pee on a tree.

Genuinely.  This is what someone thinks.

Okay so, let's look at this logically.  We will start from the basics and move on.

If this guy pees on a tree, he's getting his penis out in public.  The penis is genitalia.  If a woman breastfeeds in public she's taking a breast out in public.  Breasts are not genitalia. Therefore, even just the implement itself is different in classification.

Urine and breastmilk, there's a difference there also.  Urine is waste matter, breastmilk is life giving sustenance.  Urine is dirty, breastmilk is perfect.

Peeing on a tree exposes everything.  Breastfeeding does not.

Peeing on a tree is a selfish act.  Breastfeeding is completely not selfish as it's using your body to sustain another.

Peeing in public isn't legal.  Breastfeeding in public is.

Peeing is peeing.  Breastfeeding is feeding a baby!

This honestly screams "women's bodies are disgusting and shameful and should be hidden when being used for anything other than male gratification", which is just misogyny at it's finest.

KristenSays  ‏@KrisAlmostSays

@almostashow Baby's gotta eat! But let's not wag 'em in everyone else's face.

Wag.  Wag?  I breastfeed in public routinely because I'm a mother who goes out in public with a breastfeeding baby.  My breasts don't wag.  They're heavy and full of milk.  I hold my daughter, pop a boob straight from my top into her mouth, and then it just sits there whilst she feeds.

There's no wagging.  There's barely any movement. Out, feed, in.  This is an objection based on nothing that actually happens.


Attention ladies stop breast feeding in public it's so awkward

Awkward?  For whom?  I bet this guy doesn't object to a woman displaying her breasts in a slinky halter top.  Or wearing a bikini.  I feed my baby anywhere and I never feel awkward because there's nothing wrong with my body.

When I was a size 8 wearing sexy little outfits to go out dancing I showed more boob than I do when I'm feeding my baby and nobody felt awkward then so I assume it's because when they're on display to be sexy it's for men, when they're being used for their natural purpose of feeding a baby it's not for men and that makes it "awkward."  We're taking away their masturbation material.  Awkward.

Spelling Be Champion‏@knight_gt

So I'm in the office & a corporate lady with a newborn needed our network to download software & she pops out a boob to breast feed :O

Firstly, good for her.  Being a working mother is exhausting.  Being a working mother to a newborn is even more exhausting.  Being a breastfeeding, working mother is even more exhausting still.

Secondly, so?  So she's feeding her baby whilst working and you're there.  Why is this an issue? It should be a matter of respect.  It's multitasking in the extreme.  The only shock face over this should be how she's managing to balance two demanding parts of her life.  As someone doing it in a much less pressured setting than an office environment and often struggling, it's truly remarkable.

Before formula, there was breast milk.  Before bottles there was breasts.  The human race has lasted this long because we are physically able to nurture our young using our bodies.  That's incredible.  Women's bodies are genuinely incredible.  We can grow these humans and feed them with nothing except what our bodies naturally do and that is truly remarkable.

If you object to breastfeeding in public but not to breasts being shown off in sexy tops, you're a misogynist.  If you object to breastfeeding in public but don't blink at adverts for push up bras in shop windows, you're a misogynist.

A woman's body is not disgusting or shameful and breastfeeding is what breasts are actually meant for.  We have breasts that make milk for this very reason.  Sure they're pretty and fun and sexy, that's a great second use for these amazing things, but first and foremost breasts and the milk they make is for the nourishment of our children.

If you don't like it, don't look.  Because our babies are more important than your ridiculous opinions.

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