22/09/2015 09:16 BST | Updated 27/11/2016 07:07 GMT

Here's Why #baeofpigs Won the Internet (And Our Hearts)

Oh what we all would've given to have been a fly on the wall when David Cameron's PR team approached his office this weekend.

"Ummmmm Mr Cameron can we have a quiet word please?"

"Not right now - it's the weekend can't you see I'm trying to plan my next affordable holiday? Now don't come back until you've found out what "on fleek" means. I keep seeing it on the internet. I think it's some sort of Turkish flat bread"

"Uhhhhhh it's really rather important Mr Cameron."

"Right get on with it then"

"Have you ehhh...have you you know when you were at maybe sometime around then...did you uh...well you know...did you ummm...did you ever put your dick inside a dead pig's mouth?"

Cue the world's most awkward silence and the rumblings of The Internet stirring from its sleepy weekend slumber. Cue Jeremy Corbyn fist-pumping the air while chanting "yeahhhhh bet you wish you liked baked beans now eh Davey!". Cue David Cameron wishing he could reach into tellyland and retrieve Malcolm Tucker from his virtual purgatory and put him to work mopping up the most bestial of omnishambles.

For what followed has literally made the internet's day. It's brought out the best in us - the puns, oh god the puns. The hashtags, the memes. It's what Twitter was made for. Mr Cameron's camp decided to take inspiration from 90's pop legend Shaggy (fitting), with a hard and fast line of "it wasn't me", and the country went into meltdown at the thought of our dear prime minister getting it on with a poor, dead pig.

The fact of the matter is, this debacle is hilarious for everyone (except probably Sam Cam, bit awkward, cue some very strong mouthwash). It's a little light relief at a time where there's an awful lot to be sad about.