The nauseating Trump/Brexit mashup headline, courtesy of the Daily Star, no doubt had many backwards thinking Brexiteers waving their union jack flags and 'Go Home' placards in obvious joy.
In addition to the pig escapade, the book also alleges that the PM was part of a “dope smoking group” at Oxford, allowed
The effigy is in no doubt inspired by 'pig-gate', a term that was spawned in September following the publication of extracts
Ah, the joys of Amazon at Halloween. Judging by the "Frequently Bought Together" section on this pig toy, everyone has had
An art student has embroiled in a row with her college after it refused to display a picture of her hamming it up in a wood
A co-author of the scandalous 'piggate' book has admitted her source could have made up the much-touted tale concerning David
David Cameron has said he will not sue Lord Ashcroft over claims published from the controversial biography last week, because
Nigel Farage has used his leaders speech at Ukip's annual Autumn conference to mock David Cameron, referencing salacious
Jeremy Corbyn has today spoken out for the first time since the infamous 'piggate' scandal emerged this week, saying the
It really didn't relent. David Cameron was probably hoping the Internet had moved on from guffawing over salacious tales
Corbyn's questions to the Prime Minister will continue to focus single-mindedly on Conservative policies. It may not be the first time Cameron has been embarrassed about his student days, but it is perhaps not the last time he will have reason to be grateful that Corbyn is a better man than him.
It is the hypocrisy of this policy - where our Prime Minister, and other politicians, have committed the same actions as the tens of thousands of people we criminalise every year - that should drive the basis for reform. The saddest thing is that Cameron knows this.
Lord Ashcroft has bit back in spectacular fashion after being snubbed by David Cameron yesterday over allegations published
Something has been happening in politics in the UK this summer. At first, it seemed inconsequential: a bearded rebel entered
Oh what we all would've given to have been a fly on the wall when David Cameron's PR team approached his office this weekend.
As much as I want to be there for our Prime Minister, as much as I understand what it's like to be marginalised for a silly intoxicated act, he may have dipped his penis in a dead pig's mouth. There is no coming back from that.
The UK's most Primed Minister allegedly handed over 2.5 million in UK Tax Payers money to 'silence' hoofed residents of Billows
People questioned whether Cameron had been talking of a 'Pig Society' all along.And it's inspired a viral trend that's crisscrossed the globe, with the universal appeal of a politician caught with their pants down.It was amazing. What a time to be alive. But as the dust begins to settle - it's occurred to me that the entire thing stinks to high heaven.
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