21/04/2015 06:50 BST | Updated 20/06/2015 06:59 BST

Why We Need to Stop Breastfeeding Campaigns

In the news recently these are just a few stories:

The boy that was kidnapped in LegoLand right in front of his mother.

Beautiful creatures being hunted 'for fun' in Africa.

A youth stabbed to death in Birmingham.

It seems that almost daily children are going missing, getting attacked or the worst. There are natural disasters killing innocent people that nobody could have stopped or controlled. Still births and miscarriages happen all too often.

And we think breastfeeding is an 'issue' in this world? We think a problem is quite simply, a difference of opinion. Some people like to be discreet, some don't. Some people are pro formula, some aren't. It's simply a difference of opinion.

The only thing campaigns succeed in doing is causing arguments on social media and make people feel guilty if they do things differently.

What is the actual point of things like this really?

Nobody needs to normalise a normal thing. We need to stop making such a fuss over normal things. The tireless campaigns are making breastfeeding into an abnormal spectacle. It isn't normal to parade breastfeeding. We don't parade weaned older babies so why do we need to parade breastfeeding babies? It's normal to feed your child.

If anybody wants to campaign, search for the missing children, start a charity... Do something good because in 12 months time you won't even be a breastfeeder anymore. There will still be abusive parents, natural disasters, kidnapped children, youth crime.

I would have been 30 weeks pregnant by now if I hadn't miscarried. I try not to think about it but I just keep thinking, how we feed doesn't matter at all. I'd love to be feeding my baby in ten weeks time and I wouldn't feel guilty if it was out of a bottle and I wouldn't feel the need for a brelfie if I fed naturally.

We all know breast is best, stop shoving it down everyone's throat (metaphorically). All that matters is that our children are born healthy with minimal complications and that we love them and nurture them in the best way that we can.

Stop abusing people on Facebook. Stop causing a scene in public. Just appreciate your baby and get on with feeding them.

What about the baby anyway? It can't be good for them to have a stressed out mother or to have disturbed feeds because you're stopping to argue your rights. The baby is number one just be happy that they're happy and healthy.

This is what matters...


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