19/08/2013 05:39 BST | Updated 20/11/2013 09:36 GMT

The Women That Changed My Life

It's really important to listen to the voice of a woman and what she really wants and what she really needs.

Ruth Kennedy is one of those really amazing women. She kind of has it all. She's a wonderful friend. She was there when I had my very first business, helped nurture it and spread the word, she was very encouraging, and she was one of the very first people I called when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. We've cried our tears together, we've laughed. We've raised glasses of champagne in celebration for each other. We've seen each other go through very difficult times and very happy times.

She's one of the wisest women I know. She's one of the prettiest women I know and the funniest.

She encapsulates for me what a really good friend is all about. And she also tells me the truth.

To hear more about the inspirational women in my life, click on my video below.