Jo Malone

The Star Wars actor said that "dismissively trading out one’s culture this way is not something I can condone".
They've said the decision to reshoot the ad with Chinese actor Liu Haoran was a "misstep".
It won’t completely solve the industry’s plastic problem, but it’s a step in the right direction 🌱
Read more on The Huffington Post Pomelo means so much to Malone that there is a tear page engulfed by it at the front of
If you’re not a fan of delayed gratification, these beauty advent calendars will be the highlight of your holiday season
[Picture: Jo Malone] When people think of Jo Malone they think of cream boxes tied with a black and silver grosgrain bow
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It's really important to listen to the voice of a woman and what she really wants and what she really needs. Ruth Kennedy is one of those really amazing women. She kind of has it all. She's a wonderful friend.
Jo Malone was fired from her floristry job for throwing a bucket of water over her manager. Personally, I welcome a smack in the face from her; and if she wants to throw a bucket of Pomelo Bath Cologne over me too, fair enough. I'll have that.
While the rest of Britain was icy, Easter came and went in balmy sunshine at Manorbier while restoration works progressed to degree. The 13th century dovecote, coffered with 250 pidgeon or dove cubby holes, like a mini rustic replica of the Pantheon with an open oculus in the domed roof, is clad in hessian and scaffolding.
Sometimes it's great just to hear wise words from inspiring women. Here are some I picked out on various subjects from the wonderful women speakers at the WIE Symposium London - 2012.
Snuggle down through the long dark winter nights, lift your spirits and indulge yourselves. Relax in the comforting glow of one of my '10 of the best' scented winter candles.
I'm incredibly proud to be British and the entrepreneur inside me feels passionately about creating new opportunities and, even though we're experiencing troubled times, there is still a great sense of hope and the desire to work hard and succeed amongst us.