Fancy A Dance?

19/01/2017 13:40 GMT | Updated 20/01/2018 10:12 GMT

Eight years ago, positively bored and uninspired by most forms of exercise, I decided to put dance back in to my life. As a 45 year old mother of four children whose ages range between 12 and 20 years old, there is a danger of thinking it's time to put your dancing shoes away or at least your children think you should! I decided to do the complete opposite and positively implant dancing back into my system as there was nothing else that would inspire me to exercise. I then went on to share my secret of mindfulness and therapy by introducing my friends to "Jo's Dance" by creating a comfortable platform for women to express themselves.

Without running the risk of generalising, it is safe to assume that with the combined factors of becoming a mother, being married for a while or simply just reaching a certain age, that you may feel the need for a 'boost'! What I observed and had not anticipated was the surprising lack of confidence that some women displayed. To then witness them grown in confidence with every class they attended gave me immense satisfaction. They are indeed, in their own way, empowered by allowing themselves self-expression in the form of dance.

Women for Women International describe many of the women they support as having been dehumanised. Imagine their lack of self worth, self confidence? In most cases they have no idea they are entitled to it.

I want to help these women and the women here in the UK at the same time. Hence, I have organised the #SheInspiresMe dance fundraising event, which will take place on Jan 25th at The Cafe de Paris, London. I am excited to bring together dynamic women to experience the adrenalin boost and feel good factor of this night of self expression. We are honoured to have the amazing Darcey Bussell as our special guest. Darcey has, needless to say, inspired women throughout her spectacular 20 year career as one of Britain's greatest Ballerina's.

The power of dance is not to be underestimated. You don't have to be brilliant at it, you just need to feel it. I hope our #SheInspiresMe dance event's participants will leave the evening not only exhilarated by the fun element, but will also feel the camaraderie of a group of women who are all there to be one.

Within these communities of women that Women for Women International fund, their survival as women is based on camaraderie. With the hardships of their day to day life they help each other survive.

I hope the ladies who are supporting the event will make the same connection that I do. If every women attending our event sponsors a woman for £22 a month, that is not only 100 or so women being supported. The ripple effect of the strong empowered woman equals a strong empowered family, which equals better educated children (especially daughters), which equals more stable, productive communities.

It's a no brainer.

As women living in the western world we have to do all we can so that the women out there struggling do not feel forgotten.

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For more information about Women for Women International and #SheInspiresMe watch this film.