A Christmas Day Thank You

25/12/2011 12:59 GMT | Updated 24/02/2012 10:12 GMT

During this contentious political season with all that has been said about the anger, hatred and the disgust we American's have for one another - let me say on this Christmas morning - that I have never been prouder to be one of over three-hundred-million Americans who still believes in this great and ever-evolving democratic experiment.

Let me thank those who serve and have served in foreign lands and risked life and limb to defend the freedoms we here at home hold so dear.

Let me thank those who serve each day in our federal, state and municipal work forces for providing their fellow Americans with the services and protections we sometimes take for granted - until we desperately need them.

Let me thank those who serve each day in America's entire work force as teachers, nurses, doctors and all the rest of its citizens who toil every day to make a better life for all of our families.

Let me thank those who serve on Capitol Hill as our Senators and Representatives and their tireless staffs who despite whatever bad rap they are getting on a daily basis, do love their country and believe they are doing their best for its citizens.

Let me thank those hopefuls in the GOP Primary race not only for providing us in the media and their potential supporters with the 'Greatest Political Show on Earth' but also for literally putting their necks out each day on the chopping block of public opinion because they believe in their country and their desire to make it better.

Let me also thank our president for getting up each and every morning and despite whatever bad news the Oval Office Morning Briefing brings he still manages to tough it out because he too believes he is doing his part to preserve what is right about America.

Finally let me thank my family, friends and colleagues with whom I work for giving me the opportunity to do what I do each and every day - right here in America - helping to bring the American story to a world audience.

Despite its current problems Americans have an enduring spirit and a strong belief in this unique system of government and in America itself.

I am confident as we have done in the past - after many wars and the Great Depression - we will summon our strength and creativity to overcome these challenges and re-invent ourselves once again.

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